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Drop Birds Not Bombs

The world is coming to an end this year, at least that’s what the movie ‘2012’ said. And you have to admit that Movies inspire more trust than the government ever could. So probably by next year all the human life will become as extinct as Emraan Hashmi’s dancing skills. So I fast forwarded a hundred years into the future, ...

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Fun Fearless Females

‘I read the Cosmopolitan Magazine regularly to keep my boyfriend happy.’ – A 19 year old aspiring air hostess to me. Excerpts reproduced from Yours Sarcastically by Sandeep Das, on his humorous exploits as a student and after getting his MBA. Meeting with Naveen, Head Office: Monday, May 3rd, 10 am ‘You have to interview 60 size zero, South Bombay ...

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Head gear or Eye gear (Aiga !!)

Sometimes while driving the metaphorical bike of your life; you arrive at a crossroads. Two decisions… and you can only pick one, no going back. A complex choice that could change your life forever! Just recently I came across such a difficult dilemma… I have been forced by circumstances (read: Pocket Money) to choose… A choice between the latest Fast ...

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No, I don’t drink.

And to those of you who suddenly look down at me like you have balcony seats in a metaphorical opera theater of life, I couldn’t care less about you. People tell me I should try it once, cuz it’ll make me feel elated, make me feel like I wanna dance, flail and wobble around the roads, make me scream and ...

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Top 5 things to be found in Bill Gates’ drawers

We kept wondering what would we find if we sneak into Bill Gates’ office and look up his desk drawers…Finally, tired of just wondering, we decided to look up and here’s what we found 1. A frame holding the first $1billion he made 2. Some $863979.72 in loose change 3. A crumpled copy of Al-gore’s patent on the internet 4. ...

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Rendezvous with Santa

Kushan ‘The Sinic’ Patel shares a ho ho ho with the man in the red suit we all love The coolest thing about being an insomniac is, you get to meet a lot of interesting people Namely Lonely-unloved-Vampires, Tooth Fairies asking for dentists’ addresses and but of course SANTA. And so it was, that one silent night not long ago, ...

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