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Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting’s 16 year career on the cricket field saw him win 3 world cups on the trot, lead arguably the greatest Test Team to ever play and label him as THE VILLAIN across the cricketing globe due to several controversial issues. However, his contributions to the world of cricket cannot be forgotten an he will forever be ONE of ...

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BB Rice

BB rice doesn’t mean Barbeque Rice, in fact it means BlackBerry Rice. Ever thought about your Blackberry smart phone in rice? I doubt it. But believe me, if your phone ever decides to go for a swim, you should put it in rice. Give it some nutrition of uncooked rice and it will recover absolutely fine. This was something I ...

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Firang chale gaye Sawaal Chhod gaye

Firang chale gaye Sawaal Chhod gaye Here’s how to tackle them Are there cats in India? Of course! The Maharaja of India is a cat! How dare you insult him! Now you shall suffer the wrath ofthe catwolves! (Follow with insane howling sounds) Is it hot in India? Well we shave our hair off so that it doesn’t set on ...

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Discounting Diwali!

Diwali is here. It’s the season of Happiness, and Lights, for the optimists. It’s the Season of Sound pollution, and Air pollution for the pessimists. And for the crazy demented people who have just escaped from their regional asylums, it’s the season of shopping! Now I’m not against shopping, I think that it’s an excellent way to seduce someone else’s ...

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