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Maa ke haath ka Maggi


  An epic anti-noodle mania is gripping the nation. Ever since un-permissible levels of lead and MSG (monosodium glutamate not the Messenger of God, dude) was found in Maa ke hath ki Maggi. So naturally Amitabh Bachhan and Madhuri Dixit were responsible (or irresponsible depending upon your political affiliations). The only positive point in this entire hullaballoo was that Preity ...

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Sleepless in Love

Yes I know it’s Valentine’s Day. But lately, I’ve been experiencing sleepless nights. Yes, I’ve become a self-confessed insomniac. Every night, I retire to my bed at a decent hour, hopeful that sleep will come to me and take me under its spell. But sleep is cruel; it evades me night after night. As I toss and turn in my ...

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Chicken at the Republic Day parade

At the Republic Day parade, Obama will be guarded by 1600 security men! Phew! You know the old joke about why the chicken crossed the road? Well, here’s a twist to it. Why did the Indian chicken cross the road at the R-Day parade? For a better view of the American chicken! And Agra has also been made secure for ...

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Left High-n-Dry without Tata Sky

A few days ago I decided to shutdown the connection to my Tata Sky HD, firstly because I realized that TV eats up all my precious time that can be better spent staring at my mobile and secondly because I can’t afford to pay the monthly subscription charges anymore. But after my hasty decision to cancel the connection, I face ...

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Crazy Things that happen on Day 1 of Internship

In todayÔÇÖs world, learning has become tough. Students need to go for an internship to┬áfind out that┬áconcepts learned in class are all bunkum, and real world at the work place┬áis┬á┬á”complex and dynamic”. I faced ┬ásuch a┬á┬áreality check. As┬áI moved closer to this period of ÔÇÿon-the-jobÔÇÖ training there┬áwas this concoction of excitement, apprehensions, and a fear of the unknown. With butterflies ...

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Crushing Over Candy

“I have just recently started doing MorphineÔǪ Not exactlyÔǪbut that is exactly how playing Candy Crush Saga feels like.” You want to do it even though the society frowns upon it like a social stigma. The game is so addictive that it makes you lose precious time of your day that you could spend on Facebook, Twitter, or other restricted ...

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Top 7 Epic Failures of Bollywood in 2014

Happy New Year: it should have been called Crappy New year, as this movie was horrifying, to say the least. If there was bad acting, there was also worse dancing. There was nothing remotely likeable about the central character, played by Shah Rukh Khan and the rest of the cast is simply there to appreciate his greatness.  He got his revenge, ...

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Mayor have your attention please?

Mumbai’s new mayor insists that her car be allowed the red beacon. Yeah, I agree. If, being a traditional Indian lady, she can sport a bright red bindi on her forehead, why can’t her car flash a big red ‘bindi’ from its head?

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Modi’s Bhashan on Children’s Day

On Teachers’ Day, PM Modi spoke to school kids via TV sets in their class rooms. PM Modi urged the kids not to watch TV but to go play outdoors. And the kids obeyed him at once. Relieved, the kids left the PM’s telecast and fled outdoors to play.

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