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Laugh Out Loud

Top 5 things to be found in Bill Gates’ drawers

We kept wondering what would we find if we sneak into Bill Gates’ office and look up his desk drawers…Finally, tired of just wondering, we decided to look up and here’s what we found 1. A frame holding the first $1billion he made 2. Some $863979.72 in loose change 3. A crumpled copy of Al-gore’s patent on the internet 4. ...

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Rendezvous with Santa

Kushan ‘The Sinic’ Patel shares a ho ho ho with the man in the red suit we all love The coolest thing about being an insomniac is, you get to meet a lot of interesting people Namely Lonely-unloved-Vampires, Tooth Fairies asking for dentists’ addresses and but of course SANTA. And so it was, that one silent night not long ago, ...

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Azadi ka Overdose

1. Prahar – A hot favourite for all cable operators. Independence or Republic Day. You switch on the TV set and there you are. PRAHAR!!!!!!! 2. Border – Definitely a good movie, but it’s about time a ‘border’ is drawn before it, as a ‘can’t-watch-anymore’ flick. 3. Karma – The story is different, and worth a watch. But no story ...

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