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Trainee engineer discovers the airhostess.

air hostess

First day in an aeroplane. The excitement was not about taking off on a scientific marvel or agonising if its the Airbus or a Boeing, but the curiosity was about two other things; a) how to pee in the aeroplane, and b) what an air-hostess really looks like and what she really does. Back in the nursery days, the back-bencher pundits ...

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Super Heroes we’d like to see on screen, but won’t.

FOUR INDIAN SUPERHEROES WE NEED ON THE BIG SCREEN Tired of Viking gods pretending to be aliens while looking totally human? Bored by time travelers and detectives with British accents? Exhausted by Batman/Iron-man (=Batman in a red suit with better punch lines)? Indian geeks have made their way into the global lexicon of nerd-dom since long before Raj finally started ...

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Being highbrowed

It’s the thing to be these days. And before being highbrowed becomes too mainstream, which incidentally is the closest antithesis of being highbrowed, try and inculcate these sure shot qualities in yourself to be, if not talk-of-the-town, at least to be licensed to talk about the town.   Read no further if you understood the previous paragraph without re-reading it ...

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Maa ke haath ka Maggi


  An epic anti-noodle mania is gripping the nation. Ever since un-permissible levels of lead and MSG (monosodium glutamate not the Messenger of God, dude) was found in Maa ke hath ki Maggi. So naturally Amitabh Bachhan and Madhuri Dixit were responsible (or irresponsible depending upon your political affiliations). The only positive point in this entire hullaballoo was that Preity ...

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I’m not difficult, I am just not a morning person.

teachers day

Throughout my childhood I have always had a love-hate relation with┬á all my teachers, they never loved me, I always hated them. Now I am┬á pretty sure I am a difficult person to love, all my sixteen ex-gfÔÇÖs┬á will attest to this fact that, but it was really hurtful when all my teacherÔÇÖs treated me like I was the Vivek ...

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# Help I need some Ice

ice bucket challenge akshay kumar

┬áRemember a song: Thandey thandey pani se nahana chahiye… Gaana aae ya na aae… Gaana chaiye. Well nowadays, people are singing the same song but with a twist; “Thandey-thandey pani se nahana chaiyee….Reason pata ho na ho, ‘LIKE’ yeh video karna chaiye. Yeah! It seems that social media has become a best way of promoting something but mostly people who ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s bizarre ROFL ad

Soccer stud Cristiano RonaldoÔÇÖs awesome football skills and of course his drool worthy good looks have pocketed him millions worth of endorsements. Cristiano reportedly takes home a cool┬á$52 million per year just from endorsements. So what on earth was he thinking when he signed up to endorse something as ridiculous as a Japanese face exerciser. Cristiano recently starred in an ...

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Weird Al: Parody Extraordinaire is back

Parody king and extremely hilarious American singer-songwriter Weird Al is quite the rage on social media currently with his latest album ÔÇÿMandatory FunÔÇÖ that released this July. Weird Al Yankovic is known worldwide for his rib-tickling parodies of popular trendy songs. He has successfully spoofed musicÔÇÖs greats like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady Gaga. The results have been gut-wrenching laughs ...

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Which Bollywood actress is the tallest?

Entrance tests and selection exams are often considered a nerve-wracking affair. The anticipation of finding the toughest questions to crack can leave an aspirant sweaty and bamboozled. What if an examination paper cracks you up and leaves you rolling on the floor laughing your heads off? Having thoughts whether itÔÇÖs too good to be true? Well to quash all myths ...

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You know what they say about being in your 20s

ARE YOU A TWENTY SOMETHING? Be ready to face disappointments   1.     No matter how loyal you are to your girlfriend you will lose her due to unavoidable reasons. So make her happy as much as you can. Don’t just buy her the best chocolate. Give her your best security and care. You will have some good memories ...

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