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Super Heroes we’d like to see on screen, but won’t.

FOUR INDIAN SUPERHEROES WE NEED ON THE BIG SCREEN Tired of Viking gods pretending to be aliens while looking totally human? Bored by time travelers and detectives with British accents? Exhausted by Batman/Iron-man (=Batman in a red suit with better punch lines)? Indian geeks have made their way into the global lexicon of nerd-dom since long before Raj finally started ...

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Mayor have your attention please?

Mumbai’s new mayor insists that her car be allowed the red beacon. Yeah, I agree. If, being a traditional Indian lady, she can sport a bright red bindi on her forehead, why can’t her car flash a big red ‘bindi’ from its head?

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Modi’s Bhashan on Children’s Day

On Teachers’ Day, PM Modi spoke to school kids via TV sets in their class rooms. PM Modi urged the kids not to watch TV but to go play outdoors. And the kids obeyed him at once. Relieved, the kids left the PM’s telecast and fled outdoors to play.

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