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What was Lady Gaga wearing at the Grammys?

Did you watch the Grammys on TV? What was Lady Gaga wearing? Was it a backless top? Heck, looked like she had it on back to front! Have to say those female American artistes are fashion conscious — but totally unconscious of their boobs peeping out! They are such talented entertainers. Their talent brings out the best in them, And ...

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Ah…Valentine’s day

A lovely celebration of amour. This worldwide festival of love was decided to be named in the fond memory of St. Valentines, mostly because it sounded more appropriate than ‘Love-day’. During college years, you are super hyped for the incoming Valentines. It’s like having 31st Dec in the middle of February, where instead of normal resolutions like losing weight, studying, ...

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2016, The Year of Marriage

It’s the dawn of the new year, which is usually a very exciting time for most people who like a genuine reason to drink. Nothing warrants downing alcohol till you hit coma like your planet completing a rotation around the solar system’s host star. Most people are happy that 2016 has finally ended, since there have been plenty of terrible ...

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Super Heroes we’d like to see on screen, but won’t.

FOUR INDIAN SUPERHEROES WE NEED ON THE BIG SCREEN Tired of Viking gods pretending to be aliens while looking totally human? Bored by time travelers and detectives with British accents? Exhausted by Batman/Iron-man (=Batman in a red suit with better punch lines)? Indian geeks have made their way into the global lexicon of nerd-dom since long before Raj finally started ...

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Annoying Bus Conductor Species

If you live in Mumbai, moving about by bus is not always the BEST way to travel, especially when you have to deal the following Annoying Bus Conductor species: 1. The Ass Always has his ass stuck to the seat handles, mostly near the ladies seats. Claims he does it to balance himself in the constantly moving bus. Most likely ...

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Being highbrowed

It’s the thing to be these days. And before being highbrowed becomes too mainstream, which incidentally is the closest antithesis of being highbrowed, try and inculcate these sure shot qualities in yourself to be, if not talk-of-the-town, at least to be licensed to talk about the town.   Read no further if you understood the previous paragraph without re-reading it ...

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Amreekan dreams and Harry Potter & the return of Lalit Modi

Seems to me, that this week, both my fellow country men and women are aspiring to reach new heights. Quite literally in case of mountainous 7’2’’ Satnam Singh Bhamra sending the media into a tizzy freakout, laced with the heady drug of accomplishment of one another Amreekan dream. Even if it means running wild with flaling arms between loops and ...

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Maa ke haath ka Maggi


  An epic anti-noodle mania is gripping the nation. Ever since un-permissible levels of lead and MSG (monosodium glutamate not the Messenger of God, dude) was found in Maa ke hath ki Maggi. So naturally Amitabh Bachhan and Madhuri Dixit were responsible (or irresponsible depending upon your political affiliations). The only positive point in this entire hullaballoo was that Preity ...

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Sleepless in Love

Yes I know it’s Valentine’s Day. But lately, I’ve been experiencing sleepless nights. Yes, I’ve become a self-confessed insomniac. Every night, I retire to my bed at a decent hour, hopeful that sleep will come to me and take me under its spell. But sleep is cruel; it evades me night after night. As I toss and turn in my ...

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Chicken at the Republic Day parade

At the Republic Day parade, Obama will be guarded by 1600 security men! Phew! You know the old joke about why the chicken crossed the road? Well, here’s a twist to it. Why did the Indian chicken cross the road at the R-Day parade? For a better view of the American chicken! And Agra has also been made secure for ...

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