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Summer Camp at Cologne Germany. July 3-7, 2017.

Unleashing the Power of Leadership: Deconstructing the Model of Influence The ​International School of Management, Germany brings you a 5 day workshop in July 2017. ISM is a leading private University of Applied Sciences, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, with campuses in Cologne, Frankfurt main, Hamburg, and Munich.​ This intense workshop is designed for Undergrad Students (1st/2nd year) pursuing a Bachelor in ...

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10 reasons to consider a Masters in Management from Germany.

Now a world class management degree from Germany at Indian fees. JAM CAMPUS ABROAD brings you a wide spectrum of Universities and courses that are available to you. All of us want to invest wisely in a foreign education, a brilliant future, a great global career, respect as a professional skilled worker. 10 reasons to consider a Masters from Germany. ...

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Study in Germany; top Universities, top choice

Pooja Biraia tells you why Germany might be a better option for that Master’s course you have been planning to do abroad. For most people aspiring to go abroad for their post graduation, the US, UK, Canada or some Asian countries are the most frequented destinations. But considering other options can be surprisingly useful. Do consider Germany before making such ...

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Study Abroad: Top Univs in Germany and how to apply

I completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Hyderabad. In my 3rd year I was scouting for post graduate courses abroad. Following my seniors advice, my search narrowed down to Germany. From over 500 universities in Germany, I found a few universities which had courses of my interests. Universities in Germany are divided in 3 categories: Universität, Fachhochschule ...

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MBA in France with the ESSEC-TOTAL scholarship

ESSEC is offering a scholarship for qualified candidates to pursue their studies with the Global MBA. The following criteria will be taken into consideration for awarding the scholarship: –       A degree in mechanical or chemical engineering –       A professional background in the energy or automotive industry –       Fluency in English and at least one Asian language, French is a plus –       Have a background ...

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The challenges and rewards of University life

In my previous article, “Beware of substandard and fraudulent foreign Universities” I spoke about the disastrous start I had to my journey as an international student. So how did I go on from there? I had two options – pack my bags and go home or stay and start afresh. They say that when the going gets tough, the tough ...

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London Calling? Indians forced to give £ 3000 bond to get a Visa!

  The British Government has imposed an additional cash bond deposit of 3000 pounds for a visa. Visitors from some African and Asian nations, including India will have to pay £3,000 to enter Britain. This has caused a lot of anger and frustration among the affected students. This piece comes to you from a student at a top “global university” ...

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