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Caste Structure in the Software Industry

There is a lot of similarity between the Caste structure in India and the software industry! Puzzled? Here’s how! Level  (top to bottom) Caste Software  world 1 Brahmin Delivery Head, Top Management 2 Kshatriya Project Manager 3 Vaishya Leads 4 Shudra Software engineers 1) Delivery Lead and Top Management  – The topmost layer in the IT industry! The main responsibility ...

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Do you want to be the Batman or the Iron Man?

Answered? Now answer this: Why choose engineering? Do you want to ride a Ferrari or do you want to make a Ferrari? What is common about Batman and Iron Man? They do not have any supernatural powers, but they use heavily engineered technology to save the city. The Dark Knight series and the Iron Man series came to an end, ...

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Engineering ke baad kya..

Blue Collar Blues Careers on the Shop-Floor Most people would love to have five figure salaries, comfy offices and an intellectually stimulating work environment. Add a ticket to the USA, Europe and there you have it, the mantra that most engineers are chanting nowadays. The only job that provides all these and much more is a software related one. This ...

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