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Careers A-Z

BMM: A golden ticket to the media industry?

Journalism, it is said, is nothing but creating literature on the go. It would be cliched but true nonetheless to claim that nowadays, all we do is consume news. Television and the Internet have been greatly responsible for this. After a session of surfing the net you feel as if lot of information has been dumped down on you. Thus ...

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Everything you need to know about BMM

Does BMM figure in scheme of things after HSC? Aaishwari Chouhan digs deep to give you all the dope on the course. BMM or Bachelor of Mass Media is a three-year degree course offered by colleges affiliated to Mumbai University. The course is spread over 6 semesters, with the option to specialize in Advertising or Journalism in the final year. ...

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Translate your ideas into stunning Gems and Jewelry


TRANSFORM YOUR IDEAS INTO BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF JEWELRY. Envision your own line of fine jewelry.  Behind every beautiful piece of jewelry is an inspired designer. The Jewelry Design Atelier offers you certified design courses. TJDA is run by Chaitali Shah Menda, a Jewelry designer herself with over 15 years of experience. Chaitali Shah Menda has trained many creative minds into fabulous designers ...

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Bella-Vita, Online store by college girls from Kolkatta

Fashion is no longer a thing for the “classes”, it’s an upcoming trend for us, the “masses”! Two young girls from Kolkata are now nurturing their talent and fashion knowledge into a more sophisticated and consolidated platform and aren’t shying away from showcasing their talents in an unique and innovative manner ! They are taking their ” PASSION FOR FASHION” ...

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eShack – The Party Place

Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh, fourth year law students from Jindal Global Law School conceived an offbeat idea of eShack- an online store selling bar/party/drinking accessories. In their second year, after being bored with their not-so-happening life, and hell-bent on doing something new and unconventional, both budding entrepreneurs took the plunge.  From college their dorm, they share their journey  into ...

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Careers in Pharma

Traditionally a career in Pharmacy was not held in esteem, as much as engineering or medicine. On the contrary it was believed that people who could not get into a medical college would land up in Pharmacy. The options too were very limited, you could either work for a Pharma company, set up your own drug store. Doing a MBA ...

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Make your CV stand up for you

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Here are a few tips to ensure you always stay on top of a pile of resumes. Before we go any further, remember that the purpose of a CV is to speak for you in your absence. There are thousands of CVs that interviewers and HR people get. What makes yours stand out? The golden rule for CV-writing is: Make ...

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Wanna be a Dog Trainer?

Pooja Sathe, adores dogs and she says there is nothing better than spending the weekend bonding with your pet. Preferably far away from the hustle bustle of city to the greenery in Lonavala, Manor, Karjat, Kashid or Kelve! Pooja, a professional dog trainer runs Crazy K9 Campers in Mumbai, an initiative formed for pet dogs and owners to provide them ...

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Career as a Tea Sommelier – For Those Who Have Taste

Are you consumed by the love of tea? Are you interested in knowing the origin, culture, presentation and more about tea? Do you see yourself matching teas to an occasion, a meal, a menu or an ambiance? Then you are apt to be a Tea Sommelier! A Tea Sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable expert on tea tasting. He or ...

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Off the beaten track Careers- Book Artists!

    Wanna be a Book Artist Aditi Babel was recently commissioned to create a Book Sculpture for Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th birthday. She is an independent book artist, graphic designer, photographer and printmaker from Rajasthan. A Book Artist is someone who creates books, they can be created on a concept or a particular binding or a combination of both. These are ...

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