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Four inspiring books you should read about the Engineers who built India

Every Indian student has, at least once in their lives, considered becoming an engineer. We can’t help it because that has been the most desirable profession in our society for ages now.  Result: The internet today is flooded with memes and jokes about the engineering life. But jokes apart, our country has produced some really inspiring engineers who have played ...

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Sports Engineer Prateek Sharma who has created bamboo socks.

Your flashy neon shoes, the treadmill that you have a love-hate relationship with, and the stadium where you go to watch IPL matches- there’s a Sports Engineer behind each of them.  In today’s article, Pune-based-journalist Vijayta Lalwani talks to Prateek Sharma, a sports engineer and co-founder of a Sports Tech startup Heelium about how he combined his passion for sports ...

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Master’s in Management Degree from Germany​/Netherlands​ ​2017​​-18​

 At JAM CAMPUS ABROAD we bring you a wide spectrum of Universities and courses that are available to you.All of us want to invest wisely in a foreign education, a brilliant future, a great global career, respect as a professional skilled worker. ​ Call now. Last date for application to is ​July 15th Book a free counselling.​ Why Germany​/Netherlands​? World Class ...

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1 more reason to study in Europe

The Trump administration has taken over and among its first policies has been to restrict the issuance of HI-B visas. Trump has openly declared an ​”​anti foreigners​”​ policy. Jobs in the US particularly in the IT engineering science have been coveted by Indian professionals. In the last few years, their government has been steadily reducing the work visas ​​for Indian students​. This ...

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