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Durga Shakti Nagpal – her college in Delhi comes out in support

Ever since the story of the suspension of the 28 year old Durga Shakti Nagpal broke, there has been a lot of excitement around this honest bureaucrat, at a very special place – her alma mater – Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women, New Delhi. Durga is an engineer and holds a degree in computer science engineering from this ...

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The Scent of A Woman

Across engineering colleges in the nation, the semester exams are a frantic cramming festival accompanied by ungodly amounts of coffee and juggling sheafs of photocopied notes, often a single copy sufficing for the entire wing. A long line of male supplicants wait in tense anticipation of the holy grail(the girl’s notebook). Replete with pencil notes, colourful diagrams and small squiggly ...

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Hostel-itis: D.U girl tells you “break the rules, don’t get caught”

When going to study in a new place, accommodation can be a big issue. It is so more so with the Delhi University. Some colleges, universities and other institutions have enough hostels for all their students while others fail to deal with the burgeoning number of outstation students pouring in. So what does a girl do? Students turn to other ...

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Admissions in Delhi Univ are hell, but it’s worth it.

Delhi University Post graduate admissions

I have lived in Mumbai all my life and after completing my undergrads in English Literature from my dream college here, I was clueless about what my next step would be. I was conflicted between further studies and taking up a job. My parents preferred the former and to some extent so did I because I didn’t know what job ...

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Really, is that normal?

Our college was divided into two groups: One that studied and my group. Each called the other one weird. I doubt if anyone really knew what qualities make a person ‘normal’. To begin with, absurd things are considered normal simply because a lot of people behave absurdly. So in the interest of nobody, here’s a list of some absurdities, normally ...

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“Acting Shacting Hai Rabba” – 16 year old debuts on TV

yugishtha, actor, TV serial,

16 years old, young enough to have fanciful dreams and old enough to be highly opinionated. An avid reader, budding writer, music, sports, books and bollywood freak, and an actor (well, almost). Here is how she got flung into the world of TV serials; ACTING-SHACTING, HAI RABBA! After doing a summer camp in acting, I had decided I hate it. ...

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JAM’s Junk Food Contest. Win prizes.

Junk food - its back to college time

Junk Food – if not in college then where else? Back To College – Send us some juicy Campus Buzz – happenings news reports(200-250 words), OR Campus photos. Here is what we want you to do; a. Send us pics from college canteen. This time’s theme is “JUNK FOOD” Email your submissions to edit@jammag.com – subject : Campus Buzz Contest ...

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A coffee shop gets Tony Sebastian into a philosophical mode. Well there I was, in Bangalore, and quite inevitably in a CCD outlet, waiting for a rendezvous with a very close friend. I had been a little early and I had enough time to wonder, what made these coffee outlets so popular in this city? I looked through the menu ...

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U Know U r in a Sindhi college when …..

– You pass cows, dogs, chana wallas, sandwich wallas, beggars and autowallas before entering college. – The beggars outside double up as postmen and deliver love letters. – There are more students outside the college than inside. – 90% of the students come inside the college only on the days of the exams! – The classroom is a place to ...

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Unofficial Prospectus: National University of Singapore

After four years of blissful inactivity, I graduated from the National University of Singapore last year. I guess that makes me an old bozo on this forum, but the campus is special enough for me to disregard this minor (?!) drawback. Situated on the West Coast of Singapore, NUS offers something for every degenerate. Canteen Since the whole university is ...

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