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Movie Spoofs


On the occasion of its 11th anniversary, JAM decided to expand its operations and set up a new office in U.P.( Do not ask why – logic is not our forte.) Since all of us city folk are too scared to work there, who better to handle the operations than dreaded don Dumbkara and his gang?Read On…

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Jodhaa Akbar

Everything is not as it seems. And just like the need for multi-crore movies to shake Bollywood, there is the need to examine how these films can be improved. Exponentially. Which is why we give you the ‘Mind It’ version of Jodhaa Akbar. AAA batteries not included. Read on…

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Hasna Zaroori Hai

For the first time in cinema, seven directors (6 of them you wouldn’t know) make one old baby-sitter narrate horror stories to bored little children, because tumhara…Read On…

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Harry Potter

The Tri-Wizard tournament is over, and Harry has emerged the winner once again. But even as Harry was celebrating Ron and Hermione, an evil plan was taking shape in the Dark Lord’s mind. He planned to finish Potter in, where else, but India.read on…

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Lassi and Khisaklal get married. But Khisaklal departs to collect money for an already overbudget film. Bhoot takes advantage of the situation to win over Lassi and have a active sex life..read on…

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Shake-her & Low-lita live in the posh Peddar Road area. She realises that Shake-her is running out of cash after his dad got busted. Girahua-ish comes & changes their lives.read on…

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Karan ne banaya kaal, John aur Vivek ke lambe baal, Malaika, Lara aur Esha thi maal, lekin script thi bilkul betaal, ho gaya audience ka buraa haal…read on…

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Jo Bole So Nikaal

There are movies, meaningless movies, stupid movies and then there’s…..Jo Bole So Nikaal. Sunny paaji is at it again! “No if, no but, chal baaju mein hut!”read on…

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Yucky – No time for Ash

She’s the new discovery of the ex-boyfriend of an ex-Miss World. He wanted a clone. He found a clown. This is her story. “Hello, I’m Yucky. They say I look like Ash, but I’m just trash. I’m only a school girl, but Balman Uncle love me more than the world.”read on…

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