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Cover story


The throne of the reigning Queen of Indian TV, See-me Garewal, is under threat. An upstart called Karan Borehar has sweeped in and taken away her audience. Star Blurred has threatened to take her show off air. Now See-me must do something drastic to bring her viewers back. Aware that there is a considerable amount of curiousity about her own ...

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Fair & Lovely

Air India does it again! A few weeks ago, when she was returning from the Australian Open, tennis star Mania Mirza’s baggage got exchanged with that of JAM sports correspondent Ramchandra Mutt. This news was not reported in the media because according to Mania, her baggage contained some “important documents”. Mutt soon figured out that these documents were in fact ...

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Meet the F**ker

Michael Jackson’s trial has finally begun. JAM’s super sleuth snoop doggy dog Ramchandra Mutt paid the fading Pop star a visit to hear his side of the story. Michael had invited Ramu over to his Neverland ranch, but the nine-year-old pooch foresaw MJ’s motives, and met him at a recording studio. RM: Are you ever planning to release an album ...

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Chaman Worma may have been caught on camera. But TV’s Mr. Clean’s career is as strong as ever. The industry has come out in his support. He continues to act in soaps. And his contract with Rapchik toilet cleaner has just been renewed. Everyday, he goes from house to house cleaning filthy loos. He calls it his very own ‘Stink ...

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