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TV Channels spreading panic instead of being useful

They say that anything in moderation is tolerable. This is especially true if you consider Himesh Reshammiya’s career (?) as an example. But when mother and Mother Nature are giving you something—no, is not an option! You just have to buckle up and eat it, and hope to god that you manage to survive through that ordeal in one piece. ...

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Most Saturday nights, Ninaad Rahtogi chills with friends at a neighbourhood café, sipping coffee and passing on the hukkah. “Hukkah smoking is all about style,”says the 23-year-old management student. At another lounge, engineering student Kruthik Parekh, 22, is equally hooked on as he takes a long puff. “I love the smooth taste,” he says. One of the cardinal rules of ...

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Welcome to the world of ‘mass cheating’. This is a shortcut that is gaining popularity with each passing year. We are talking of engineering students (B.E./ BTech), BMS, BMM, and Architecture. Projects are an integral part of these courses, and supposedly impart practical knowledge. But students – especially those in the final year of engineering – choose to plagiarise projects. ...

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Stob cribbing for god’s sake! Here we are proudly celebrating the 60th anniversary of our independence by waking up early in the morning, taking bath, wearing good clothes and then going to buy beer and there you are sitting and cribbing about all the minor little inconveniences that you suffer everyday. I see. You think its the nation’s fault! You ...

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Stop making me your friend

It is that time of the year again. Friendship Day! A day when people, who otherwise avoid each other like the plague, send each other emails and e-cards that carry messages of love and fellowship that clog our inboxes so badly that the important stuff start bouncing and we begin to hate each other even more. Seriously, what happened to ...

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Kuch Nahi Hota Hai

Hairy Author and The Awesome Alternative This is a time of great crisis in Mumbai. The monsoon has made life very difficult indeed. The traffic is terrible, the trains are delayed, the buses are packed to the gills and, worst of all, editors of popular youth magazines still refuse to let people come late to the office. What is the ...

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It is an eternal symbol of love. An image at the very mention of which one is filled with feelings of romance and passion. One only needs to hear the name and suddenly one is transported to a world of red roses, seductive music, powerful emotion, and large swathes of smooth, faultless marble-like waxed man chest. Yes, boys and girls, ...

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Higher Studies

Are you confused about your career? Looking for somebody to give you directions at the crossroads of Life? Well, that somebody could be your local traffic pandu. But if his pot belly turns you off, you can always count on career counselor Chattu Chattopadhu for sound advice and stupid alliterations. Dear Chattu I’ve just given my 10th Boards and I ...

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Mallika SheraMUTT!

Ignoring trivial issues like potholed roads, overflowing garbage dumps and illegal constructions, the BMC (Bekaar Municipal Committee) has decided to ban all obscene hoardings. This has given rise to employment opportunities for our star actress and model Mallika Sheramutt, because everybody loves a cute pooch. On this momentous occasion, Ashish Shakya guides you through the world of censorship. Like all ...

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