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Annoying Bus Conductor Species

If you live in Mumbai, moving about by bus is not always the BEST way to travel, especially when you have to deal the following Annoying Bus Conductor species: 1. The Ass Always has his ass stuck to the seat handles, mostly near the ladies seats. Claims he does it to balance himself in the constantly moving bus. Most likely ...

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Suarez bites, Italy exits and twitterati get witty

Italy started the football world cup as one of the contenders to win the coveted cup. But it seemed like a hungry Luis Suarez and team Uruguay had other plans. Italy tried its best at playing a great game of footsies until bad boy Suarez craved to dig his massive chompers into Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. This lethal bite became ...

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“Veeru Commits Suicide Using Jai’s Belt”

  Welcome to the age of headlines! Media generates captions so dramatic, that people instantly turn and say “What the…” Of course since it’s the news it doesn’t matter if the newsline makes sense or not, because if you are watching the news it is only because you are over 60 and don’t enjoy reality shows, or you are impatiently ...

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I Don’t Believe in the Gods of Cricket

They say, if one man worships something imaginary—its madness; but, if many men worship something imaginary—its religion. And the people who do not believe in these ‘make believe’ tales are branded Atheists—the scourge of the planet, the hell-damned people, the people who kick cute kittens when it meows. Sadly I’m one of those people. I do not, cannot, will not ...

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Student Species

Nimish Varadkar takes a look at various student species. Hotel Management His attachment with the course suddenly changes his behaviour. The very same guy who 6-7 months ago believed in burping and talking while eating, suddenly starts displaying a 17th century English etiquette. Never go out with him to a restaurant because he may spoil your appetite by his constant ...

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Safar ka Suffer – species on the local train.

safar ka suffer train

It took me four weeks weak analysis, to finally finish my thesis on types of travellers. You are bound to encounter the different varieties that I have identified, one time or the other. Here’s the deal – the travellers classification. Touch me not: This kind of species is found in every first class compartment. Whether it’s your bag, your earphones, ...

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TV Channels spreading panic instead of being useful

They say that anything in moderation is tolerable. This is especially true if you consider Himesh Reshammiya’s career (?) as an example. But when mother and Mother Nature are giving you something—no, is not an option! You just have to buckle up and eat it, and hope to god that you manage to survive through that ordeal in one piece. ...

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Have Sex. You’re *&$@^%(Married)

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. To people who did not go to school—this is a crash course of our national pledge. It basically states that in our country, all the dudes are your bros and all the chicks are females that you cannot…er are your sisters. So basically that is why everyone here is ...

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The League of Towel “Phiksers”

    The League of Towel Phiksers With the latest development in IPL, they have now decided to make a change for the next instalment of the series. Probably Dawood Ibrahim will sponsor his own team next year, and it’ll be called, ‘The Royal Towel Fixers’. Spot fixing—the new black spot on the uniform of IPL that even packet full ...

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Joron ki baarish Makes me wonder Is this what they call, Taste the thunder? Arz kiya hai: I am a dog and u r a flower, gaur farmaiega I am a dog and u r a flower so let me lift my leg n give u a shower. Wah-Wah Woh to aaj bhi hamein dekh kar muskurate hain Par unke ...

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