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Study Abroad

First-person account

First-person account of being an Indian student in Australia It’s where summer is winter and winter is summer, where the shops close at 5 PM but the pubs are crowded even at 5 AM. It’s Aussie land and it’s become a favored destination for Indian students seeking a foreign degree. G’Day Mate! I just returned from a one-year post-graduate journalism ...

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Write a Great SOP

Statement Of Purpose (SOP) How to write a winning Statement Of Purpose. The Statement of Purpose is your first personal contact with the Admissions committee. Use it to distinguish yourself. The SOP should speak about you, your aspirations and professional goals and relate these to the graduate program that you intend to pursue. It should basically answer the question…”Why should ...

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Visa procedure

After going through the whole shindig, you don’t want to be rejected at the last and final VISA stage…do you? So, here’s how to sail smoothly through this last and final stage. Before you apply for the Visa, it helps to know what exactly the visa officers are looking for. There are basically two things that the visa officers are ...

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Short list universities

How to short-list your Universities? Firstly, get the entire list of Universities that offer your subject from www.gradschools.com As pre-apps don’t cost, u could send a mail to each of these Universities telling them about your back-ground and request for an application packet to be mailed to you. Most of them will oblige. U can then go through each individual ...

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