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Got the part-time MBA blues?

There are two kinds of MBA students — those for whom the course is a dearly loved wife, and those for whom it’s a secretly cherished mistress. The first kind are devoted to their course full-time. Getting this far involved a fairly long and hard battle (entrance tests, interviews, GDs!) against thousands of other suitors. Hence the object of their ...

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The MBA Caste System

There are two kinds of MBA institutes in India — a handful from which you leave with a pedigree and the vast majority which offer just degrees. In the first category lie the IIMs, XLRI and, to a lesser extent, FMS and Bajaj — the institutions which pioneered the concept of management education at a time when the IAS was ...

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Is the IIM brand invincible?

There are two kinds of MBA providers in India: The institutes and the institutions. While practically every establishment calls itself an institute, only a handful can be called institutions. The original pioneers of management education were all institutions — no doubt aided by government generosity in land and resources, but also a founding vision. There was a detailed thought process ...

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The Truth about MBA cats & dogs

There are two kinds of folks who aim to clear the CAT — the ‘MBA nahin to kuch nahin’ and the ‘Kuch nahin to MBA.’ The first category discovered at an early age that M, B and A spelt the magic and politically correct answer to the inevitable question: “Beta aap bade hokar kya banna chahte ho?” The second took ...

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