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Cool office of the fortnight

What does one look for in a work place? Considering you’re just outta college and you’re put in a dull, boring environment where the eerie silence makes you wanna crack up.We at JAM know that you’re such a laugh and that’s why off and on we’ll feature some cool offices for you to work in. College ke baad ke kaam ...

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The right to a Good school

Scarier than a performance appraisal. More stressful than a root canal. It’s absurd, it’s insane… It’s your four-year-old’s nursery school interview… But what to do? Mere bachche ka (My child’s) admission is every urban parent’s fondest dream and festering nightmare. Seats are few, kids too many. So schools do what they have to. And parents, what they deem fit. Like ...

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The caste factor: Show me the numbers

Maybe I had one of those rare childhoods, but I grew up not quite realising the importance of ‘caste’. At some point, I figured I was a bania or vaishya, but it did not seem very relevant because my father was a scientist. I never made the connection between caste and profession. When I set up JAM (a magazine aimed ...

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Reservations about reservations

The increased reservation for OBCs in our country’s elite institutes has caused much furore amongst students. Criticism against this move has been overwhelming. In a poll conducted on our website, over 80% of the respondents were completely against this move; while a mere 5% felt the reservation justified. Reactions are coming in thick and fast. The Indian blogosphere is full ...

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The truth about earning in dollars!

Here are two ways to look at a foreign salary — the Catholic and the Protestant. The first is characterised by a missionary zeal to convert using the rupees-multiplied-by-43.8-times formula ingrained in every self-respecting Indian head. Which is how $110,000 achieves the headline-grabbing status of ‘Rs 50 lakh!’ But, protests the economist, how far does that Rs 50 lakh go ...

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Of Indian brains and medicine

There are two kinds of people: those who see reality and those who flee reality. If professional waters are choppy, the realist takes note and adjusts the sails. Or chooses on an alternate way to reach his destination. The escapist believes that knowing there is bad weather is of no use since it can’t be changed. Members of this tribe ...

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The truth about Indian schools

Today is my soon-to-be six-year old daughter’s first day at school. Or is it her last day of childhood? My heart is heavier than her new, big-girl schoolbag as I see her off at the bus stop. Playschool, nursery, kindergarten — those are mere preparation for separation. Class One is the rough, rigorous, Real Thing. Twenty-odd workbooks, textbooks, notebooks. As ...

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The $152,000 salary is just a jackpot!

There are two kinds of students at IIMs — those who get good jobs and those who get great ones. The definition of ‘great’ is directly proportional to the kind of moolah on offer. The heroes — to put it crudely — are the ones with the most zeroes on their pay cheques. The hero of the moment is the ...

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Career lessons from Bunty Aur Babli

Apki naukri mein na izzat hai, na mazaa hai aur na matlab (Your job has neither respect nor fun nor meaning),” declares the new tall, angry young man. A man whose father would like nothing more than a son who follows in his footsteps as a ticket collector. The young man is Abhishek Bachchan, giving voice to the hopes and ...

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