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Careers A-Z

Clay to Go: Ceramics

The not-so-known world of ceramics is a great career option for an artist, Prachi Parekh finds out Remember the way you loved and excelled at clay modelling as a kid? Turn that talent and passion into a full-fledged career, if you love working with clay and have the flair for turning an earthen lump into a piece of art. Basic ...

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E-Week India

Six lakh people from 30 cities attended six days of entrepreneurial activities led by 70,000 students of E Cells (Entrepreneurship Cells) from 512 member institutes of the National Entrepreneurship Network as part of Entrepreneurship Week India. The week-long campaign that advocated support for entrepreneurship concluded on 13th February with a Championship Awards Ceremony and launch of NEN E Clubs at ...

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Tiffin Time!

Mumbai’s dabbawallas started it, but many enterprising people have taken it further. Priya Chaphekar catches up with some dabbawallas with a difference Green Veggies Owner: Nimit Shah When did you start with Green Veggies and what made you get into this business? I started off with Green Veggies in 2006, when I was in college. My idea was to start ...

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Asian College Of Journalism

Asian College of Journalism There aren’t too many true-blue journalism schools in the country. While there are tons of so-called “media schools”, only a handful of institutes offer quality post-graduate programs. However all these courses are broad based – embracing Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Advertising, Media Management, Film, Television and Mass media in general. History The B.D. Goenka Foundation, backed ...

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Sketch Up

Does art define your life? Then pre-production is the field for you. Prachi Parekh draws a report. WHAT IS IT? One of the essential pre-production processes for a film requires artists to sketch the look of characters, layouts, storyboards, etc based on the story. Pre-production is greatly required in animation, gaming, advertising and live-action films. SKILLS “Good drawing skills and ...

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Cell Phone Repair Training

Since mobile phones have almost become like an extension to the human body, this time we bring you a lucrative career option related to the booming mobile phone industry. Here’s introducing what is called Cell Phone Repair Training (Training, Instruction and Documentation). To make a career in this field, all one has do is register themselves for a two-month online ...

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