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Social service is wonderful, but not for ‘people like me’

Social service; the term brings to mind the image of a khadi clad do-gooder. The rest of us think social service is wonderful, but not for ‘people like me’. Isn’t it the government’s responsibility to look after the welfare of the poor? And then we shrug and say “I am too busy with my studies, with my tuitions, with my ...

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Hazaron khwahishen

Yogesh Parmar nurtured dreams of joining one of the IIMs for long. When that did not happen he quickly went down the entrepreneur route before working on his Masters. He returned a wiser man. This is his story. Of dreams, ambition and ultimate self-realization. In his own words. Essential reading for all entrepreneurs… That damn CAT Every Sunday morning was ...

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Cooking up a company – Mom’s Kitchen

Company: Mom’s Kitchen Founded: September 1 2006 Age: 26 Educational background: Vinamra (IT BHU 2005 batch, Infosys from campus placement); Aswini Rathod (NIT Allahabad 2005 batch, Cognizant from campus placement). Mom’s Kitchen was set up by two young chaps who didn’t know the first thing about cooking.. Rashmi Bansal brings you their amazing story. Vinamra and I are childhood friends. ...

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To Do Or Not To Do? Says a 23 Year old Entrepreneur

Siddharth Sharma, a 23- year old Delhi based exporter, gives you the lowdown, plain and simple, on what it takes to break out on your own… Firstly, to become an entrepreneur, there are no pre-defined skills. The most important characteristic in a person though should be to take any amount of responsibility that comes in the journey. You, as a ...

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May a 100 entrepreneurs bloom!


Rashmi Bansal talks about entreprenuership – the Handa way LEM (Laboratory in Entrepreurial Motivation) is an elective course at IIM Ahmedabad. Taught by IIM A alumnus and entrepreneur Sunil Handa since 1992, this unconventional course is one of the most sought after 2nd year electives a large number of students vying for its limited (30 odd) seats. The methodology: a ...

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Been There Done That – e-Dream Ventures

He tried. He conquered. Maloy Patnaik tasted success as an entrepreneur yet he switched his path. “Slavery is not dead. We’ve just stopped recognizing it“. Those are the lines from the new Tata Safari ad. I can understand yet another attempt to celebrate the free spirit. The joys of working for yourself, being the owner of your own time, deciding ...

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Want to be an entrepreneur? SP Jain Insitute’s SYB course

SP Jain Entrepreneurship, SYB

If entrepreneurship is your calling, but you don’t know how or where to begin, you may want to consider the ‘Start Your Business’ Program (SYB) offered by S P Jain Institute of Management. Currently the only such program offered in India, the SYB program is business neutral – be it fast food, garments, software or janitorial services – as long ...

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Just Do It!

Rashmi Bansal answers an interesting query by Aadesh Jain – the much needed gyan for the entrepreneur in you “I am a final year Bachelor of Management Studies student from Mumbai. I am taking the CAT’ 06 in November and had a few questions. I would be really glad if you could answer them. I found out that the average ...

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IIT K grad decides:”Be Your Own Boss!”

ashish kumar

Things to consider. Difficult but not impossible. Ashish Kumar way back in 2006 decided to join Tekriti Software, New Delhi, India. He is an IIT-Kanpur graduate and has earlier worked at Microsoft, Redmond, USA. Being your own boss! Sounds interesting, but many times it happens to be a mirage, the reality of which comes to you after you shun your ...

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