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Conventional Options

Cell Phone Repair Training

Since mobile phones have almost become like an extension to the human body, this time we bring you a lucrative career option related to the booming mobile phone industry. Here’s introducing what is called Cell Phone Repair Training (Training, Instruction and Documentation). To make a career in this field, all one has do is register themselves for a two-month online ...

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Why is BMS/BBA hotter than other courses? Bachelor of Management Studies, was introduced by the University of Mumbai in 1999-2000. With the growing demand for professionally qualified management executives, the course has been designed to create junior and middle cadre management.The course is spread over three years- two semesters each year. In order to pass a semester a person has ...

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Fitness hai toh hit hai

Fitness is a Rs 3,000 crore industry in India and growing in leaps and bounds. Fitness guru Leena Mogre tells you how to make your mark in this industry. Why fitness is a viable career option now? Right now it is a Rs 3,000 crore industry. Though it is still not a very organised industry, big players are coming in. ...

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Follow The Law

Last time, we gave you the lowdown on what’s hot in law. So how has the perception of becoming a lawyer changed over the years? JAM tells you all about the new avenues to be explored for all you aspiring lawyers. The very first image that comes to one’s mind when you mention the term lawyer is that of a ...

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Voting FAQs

So you have finally registered to vote. Now what? If you have no idea whom to vote for or you are worried about what is going to happen on election day, JAM has the answers and convenient options for you. Which political party do I vote for? No idea what these political parties are up to and whether their candidates ...

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LTA School of Beauty – report card

When the press release from this School of Beauty landed in our inbox we were intrigued by the unique name. LTA, it sounds like an elite and sophisticated and possibly Italian school. However, we were dismayed when we found out it actually spelt Lotus Training Academy Pvt. Ltd. We didn’t find the full form until we checked their brochures, where ...

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CA Woes

A CA student describes the pitiful state of affairs the new ICAI system has caused him and his colleagues to suffer under. Two years ago the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) introduced the Common Proficiency Test. This meant that students, after their HSC exams in any stream, could apply for the Common Proficiency Test (CPT).Earlier there used to ...

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Courses that make you go huh?

Every once in a while you come across things that don\\\’t make sense. Like, studying for exams, caller tunes, girls crying, et al. JAM has now taken it upon itself to add to this long list and bring to you, in every issue, one totally whacky course that you will probably not sign up for.\\r\\n\\r\\nName: Certificate Course in Jainology\\r\\nInstitute: Mumbai ...

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