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Alternative Healing


Introduction to Yoga: Today, yoga has become very popular the world over and is widely accepted as an alternate therapy and a means of relaxation. Along with the increase in the popularity of yoga, there has been an increase in demand for teachers. But teaching yoga can’t be looked at as a job, say lifelong practitioners. Bina Shah, who completed ...

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Origins of Reiki Reiki, a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’, is a form of spiritual healing where a person uses the surrounding energy to heal others. According to Reiki Grand Master Dr Rajeev Mehra, “the process is called ‘attunement’ where a master attunes a candidate to absorb energy. He opens the chakras (energy centers in our body), creating a ...

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Feng Shui

Introduction: Are your relationships going through a bad phase? Career graph flowing downwards? Bringing home some Feng Shui symbols like a crystal ball, coins and water fountain could do wonders. Even better, become a Feng Shui consultant by learning the craft of ‘directing’ things to go your way. Feng Shui pronounced “foong shway” is a Chinese science for better living. ...

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