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U Know U R In

Mithibai College, Mumbai

U know U R in Mithibai College, Mumbai when: – The lavatory is more state-of-art than the laboratory. – The smell of Pav Bhaji from the canteen infests the whole college at 8:30 every morning. – A chick/babe is a species normally found in the Arts faculty only. – Having a Pizza Hut outlet in the college campus makes the ...

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V. G. Vaze College (Kelkar), Mumbai

U know U R in V. G. Vaze College (Kelkar) when: – The most feared person the college campus is the canteen manager, fondly known as ‘Mama’. – Roaming around in the corridors is a ‘punishable offence’ for JC students. – ‘Raids’ are conducted in the canteen, common rooms and the library to see if JC students are bunking. – ...

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South Gujarat University

U know U R in South Gujarat University when: – You find yourself sharing an auto with six other people to get to college. – Most students wear Metallica T-shirts although half of them can’t even spell Metallica. – The students think that ‘Barbie Girl’ and ‘Brazil’ are the latest English songs. – 95% of the dances in college festivals ...

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Royal College, Mira Road

U know U R in Royal College, Mira Road when: – You wonder what is so ROYAL about the college. – You often get confused between the canteen and the loo. – You have to remove your shoes outside when entering the Computer Lab as if it was a temple. – You have to follow almost Taliban style dress code ...

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Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune

U know U R in P.C.C.O.E. (Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering), Pune when: -You have never heard about it before. -You did not get admission anywhere else. -The college building is mistaken for the Cartoon Network headquarters (name a colour and its on the building). -A date means sitting in the college canteen to have a vada pav. -So called ...

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Fr. Agnel (Junior College), Bandra

U know U R in in Fr. Agnel (Junior College), Bandra when: – Every student is wearing an uniform. – Every Tom, Dick and Hari wants to become an engineer with 45%. – Chadti Jawani is the hippest song in the campus. – The definition of fun is wooing the babes who come down bandstand for a walk. – The ...

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