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Unofficial Prospectus

BVP, Mumbai

VIDYAVARDHINIS’ BHAUSAHEB VARTAK POLYTECHNIC,VASAI Also known as: B.V.P. Location: A stone’s throw from Vasai road station, Thane. Junta: The Polytechnic crowd is strickly OK. There are a few guys & gals who look trendy – did I mention that I’m one of them? Courses offered: Official: Diploma in Computer Technology, Computer Egineering, Industrial Eletronics, Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology. Unofficial: ...

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M V M Junior College, Mumbai

Mulund Vidya Mandir Junior College of Science and Commerce Also known as: Fondly called M.V.M. Never heard of it? I bet you haven’t! Coz it’s only been two years since it opened. Location: Close to Mulund station…. actually it’s closer to the railway line. NAAC rating: When it opened – *** stars coz it was the only college with ACs ...

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Elphinstone college, Mumbai

Also known as: Elphi The Location: Opposite Jehangir Art Gallery The Campus: Not too big but large enough to accommodate all the students at the jam session during the socials. Half the ground floor and the first floor are the Maharashtra Archives. For some bizarre reason, the auditorium is referred to as the gymkhana. The Crowd: consists of all kinds ...

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Grant Medical College, Mumbai

Note: Macroscopic details – are details as seen with the naked eye. Microscopic details – are details as seen with a microscope. Also known as: GMC; better known by its hospital – the Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, where Munnabhai was shot. Talk about a college known by its talents! Macroscopic details: You will be surprised to learn that his ...

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Fergusson College, Pune

Also known as: Fergi, F.C. Location: On Fergusson College Road. It’s a short distance away from Café Coffee Day, Barista, E-square etc. It’s kind of ironic to put it that way, as all these places have probably opened nearby because the great 119 year old Fergi and other colleges are in the vicinity. The Campus: Enormous. You can keep walking ...

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Ravenshaw College, Cuttack

The Location: College Square, Cuttack. It’s a short walk from the main Cuttack station. Ask anyone and they will direct you. The Campus: Huge. It takes ten mins to reach the Commerce block from the main gate. The buildings are more than a 100 years old, and are fine displays of Colonial era architechture. Surrounded by a plethora of bookshops. ...

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