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Career Queries

This issue we start a special section on Career Queries. Every day we receive dozens of questions from readers just like you on issues related to education, careers and vocations. Here at JAM we try to answer all these questions as quickly and completely as possible.

However we’ve noticed that a lot of these queries are relevant not just to the person who mailed it to us, but also to the general youth out there.

You will now see a collection of handpicked career queries and our responses in JAM Magazine. We hope this will help you to make better career choices.

In the meantime don’t forget to log on to ClubJAM and mail your own queries in the Forum sections.

My name is Nitin and I work for an MNC clothing company as a Product Manager.

I am Textile Engineer by profession, I have a total work experience of 11 yrs in Apparel out of which : 7 years in Exports Merchandising and Marketing , 4 yrs in Retail industry (Supply chain for 4 /12 years, I have recently been shifted to Marketing in my own company as a Product Manager. I do not have a formal B School education; I aspire to become a CEO one day.

I have applied for the Executive General Management Program (EGMP) from IIMB. I want to know how good this course is and will it help me in taking my career forward. What other options do I have in Bangalore for part time MBA and how much value add will they make on my profile?
Rashmi answers on ClubJAM: EGMP is a 9 month course beamed from IIM B thru Hughes Direcway suitable for mid-career professionals who have not had the benefit of formal B-School education.

Although the minimum work-ex requirement is only 3 years average age of people who join is around 30. Participants spend 6 days on the IIM B campus as well.

This is a good option for you although there is no ‘placement’ at the end of the course.

The other option is to try for a full time 1-year program like PGP X from IIM A which is for professionals with 8-15 years experience and includes an official placement programme.

What are the toughest questions in GRE? How do I prepare for them?
Shankar answers on ClubJAM: The toughest questions on the GRE are the RC questions. You can prepare for the quants within a week, mug-up the word-lists in a month an crack the vocab-testing questions, but you can’t improve too much on the RC section with a few weeks worth of efforts.

In fact if you are aiming for a really high score, the RC section will separate the good from the excellent. Most people can manage the quant and the vocab with relative ease.

The only way to improve RC scores is to read a lot. It is important to read from a variety of sources, and cover an array of topics. Engineering students typically find science passages easier to comprehend. Similarly, Biology majors find Bio-passages easier to understand, and so on.

But since passages can be based on any topic ranging from geology to modern philosophy, your best bet is to read extensively.

I would strongly recommend reading philosophy. Firstly, philosophy is generally the toughest to comprehend. Secondly, you will encounter many GRE-type words, so it is a great way to reinforce the vocabulary. Many excellent resources are available on the net.

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