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Career Counseling

A career counselor may be just the person to clear your confusion!!

It’s that time of the year again. Time to make difficult choices, especially for those of you who’ve got Board exam results. But are you making an informed decision or simply moving along with the herd, goaded by peer pressure, parents and pretty brochures? This is your life we’re talking about here – so if you’re confused, don’t just flow with the tide. You might find yourself marooned on the wrong career island a few years from now.

How many marks you’ve scored, which career has scope, what your parents want – all these factors have their importance but first and foremost you need to know where your aptitude lies. Once you know that, everything else kind of falls into place, like a jigsaw puzzle. A good career counselor will administer aptitude and psychological tests, and subsequently give you detailed information on the many options available to you, given your specific strengths and areas of interest.

Now that you’re sold on the concept of career counseling, here are some of the counselors/ organizations you can turn to…

Shailaja Mulay
A career counselor with 24 years of experience in the field and a background in education, counseling and psychology, Ms Mulay conducts 2 kinds of sessions: 1) Career information – Rs 75/- 2) Aptitude Test + Career Counseling – Rs 200/- She also conducts workshops for schools/ colleges. Ms Mulay’s one regret, Often parents and students don’t want to accept the results. They are only seeking an endorsement for doing what they already have in mind! Tel: 24454836 (Mumbai)

Sumitra Sawant
A counselor with 20 years of experience, Mrs Sawant’s credo is trying to help as many students as possible. Currently working towards a PhD in Intelligent Testing, she conducts testing over 4 sessions, followed by 2 hours of personal counseling with the student and his/ her parents (which is why, she says, there is invariably 100% acceptance of the test results). The charges are Rs 500. Mrs Sawant also answers career queries on www.schoolnetindia.com website. Tel: 26356555 between 8-10 pm or before 10 am (Mumbai)

Jayanti Ghose
A familiar name because of the many confused students she counseled thru her newspaper columns. Although those answers are pretty general in nature – she is much better in person. She charges Rs 600 for an aptitude test, psychological test and counseling session. As a satisfied student put it, You can ask her any academic question and she is quicker than rediffmail to reply. Ms Ghose has 16 years of experience in the field. Contact no: 22151015 (Mumbai)

A centre devoted to career guidance, in the 2 months of its existence, YoungBuzz has already organized a career fair, and several workshops on voice culture, time and stress management etc. YoungBuzz has also started a Career Helpline for SSC students – 23063390 (10 am – 6 pm Mon – Fri). Aptitude test and career counseling costs Rs.1200 . Tel no : 23063388/ 89 (Mumbai).

Welingkar’s Career Management Centre
Ms Mayura Makasare, the young and very helpful lady in charge of the centre, calls herself a Career Facilitator. That’s because the centre provides any and all information related to careers that you may be seeking – FREE of charge. A Welingkar graduate herself, Mayura has also developed a unique in house module on how to plan a dream career in 10 steps. Tel no: 24078046/ 1323 Welingkar’s Institute of Management, next Podar college, Dadar, Mumbai

Growth Centre India Pvt. Ltd
Psychologists conduct career planning / personality development sessions. Charges: Rs 400 (for aptitude test + career counseling) between 9.30 am – 5 pm daily except Sunday at Growth Centre, Chembur. Contact: Ms Suchitra Surve at 25287474/ 25288844. (Mumbai)

Ms Pervin Malhotra, Director, CARING, is a popular career agony aunt for Delhi based magazines and newspapers. CARING stand for Career Information and Guidance. Contact: 6836470/ 80 (New Delhi) Email: caring@theoffice.net

College Counselors Every college should logically have its own career counselor but sadly, that is not the case. In some cases a professor is designated as the counselor but he/ she is not enthusiastic about the additional burden. Further, hardly anyone even knows about it!

St. Xavier’s
The most systematic in the college circuit and open to students from other colleges as well.. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8:45 a.m., they have their career counseling sessions. Once you register, you are called for an IQ test, a Personality test, an interview and then the results are handed over to you at some future date when you can ask your doubts and questions. Rates: Rs 350 (science) and Rs 250 (non-science) Tel no: 2620662 / 5(Mumbai)

The above is by no means a complete list of career counselors available. Fact is, information of good counselors spreads only by word of mouth – so if u know of one, especially in cities other than Mumbai – share it with us! Email careers@jammag.com.

Rashmi Bansal, with inputs from Gautam Hegde

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