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Cajun Flair

Exclusive Mt. Carmel fest report

Mardi Gras, the theme for Cul-ah! ’08 saw about 30 colleges from all across the country participating and enjoying the festivities held on campus; a three day culmination of the carnival season that happened on the 10th, 11th and 12th of January. The Mount Carmel College campus was lit up in the royal colours of the carnival, shiny beads, mysterious sequined masks, hand painted stage sets and even a 46 meter long Chinese dragon that ran the length of the infamous Carmel driveway.

Day 1 saw the Indian Music, Western Group Dance won by Loyola College, Ice Breaker, Radio play, General Quiz and other captivating events that were hosted by the Carmelites themselves to enthralled audiences. Colourful banners boasting the sponsors Britannia, Bingo, TVS scooters, Google, JAM and Seventeen magazines, Globus, etc, added to the mood of revelry. The Relay writing won by Christ College, Graphic novel designing, vegetable carving, Sudoku and street play were the other hit contests of the day. The seminar and film show on ‘Save the girl child’ was in keeping with the endeavours of ‘Vimochna’, the NGO to whom profits were granted. This seminar welcomed the presence of Bangalore’s latest cricket legend, Robin Uthappa.

On day 2, the Informals street, a drive spread over with multicoloured tents and stalls under canopies of colour, with mouth watering smells wafting from the numerous food stalls, saw large crowds gathered in the jewellery, tattoo, air colouring, free nose piercing, caricature and mehendi art stalls, easing people into the groove of Mardi gras. Everyone participated, including teachers who strolled around with their newly coloured hair as well as girls who walked the ramp and played twister at the Bingo stall. The Western Acoustics was judged by the Lazarro brothers, Bangalore’s music biggies. Indian Dance, theme as well as non theme, was bagged by Christ College and the Fashion show in the evening raised the roof with cheers for the non-comp. Mounts team, with Baldwins winning this event. The Gluttony contest, UV painting and Kachra Kala, both bagged by Joseph’s Arts and Science, were other favorites.

The last day however was the crowd puller, with the Western Electric, Personality finals and Rock show, making some serious noise with ‘Catalyst’ the band from Christ stealing the show. The Pot Pourri, movie spoof and fashion illustrations had the crowds going, even as enthusiastic students from CMS led the hoards and won a large majority of all the events including Lit., humanities and public speaking events.

Mardi Gras, a festival conce-ptualised to celebrate one’s cultural uniq-ueness and uniting under the universality of being people who enjoy life and have a great time, made sure to see this mission through in true Cajun flair.

The student union, compris-ing of Suhasini the president, vice-president Vitradika, Gangamma the cul-sec, Swetha the assistant cul-sec, Nilma the Gen-sec and last but definitely not the least, Juhi the treasurer, were assisted by a few dedicated friends, who ran the entire show single-handedly. These were the unseen heroes of Cul-Ah! ’08, who worked for months beforehand, ran around many a time till the wee hours of the morning, often sleeping over on makeshift bedding. Yet, eventually, they were responsible for making this fest the grand success it was, eagerly awaited for, annually, by any self-respecting college- going student.


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