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Cafe Terra

In these busy streets, sky high towers and honking traffic, it’s so difficult to plan a romantic date with your special person. Around the anniversary, you want to make it as special as you can but how to make the magic happen?

Cafe Terra is a rooftop restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai, and this is the one place you simply must try. It opens at 7pm to 12pm in the evening and is on linking road, nearest landmark being Link Square Mall.

Reservation is very simple and it’s easy to find. The top floor holds the cafe, with many tables surrounded with beautiful sparky lights and candle-lit tables, soft jazz or instrumental music and the starry sky.

cafe terra

The food is decently priced which was surprising and so are the drinks. The service is efficient and not too fast or slow. It’s a quiet place where you can bring the magic and hold soft conversations with that someone. The sizzlers in particular are worth a try, you can pick noodles, mashed potatoes or vegetables as the base, your choice of sauce (I recommend the Schezwan) and pick chicken, prawns or a vegetarian main.

Also availabe are various choices in seafood. Do try the Bassa fish with the sauces (do NOT go for the black pepper sauce. I have a high capacity for spicy and yet it brought tears to my eyes). It is well seasoned and properly cooked. The food was delicious.

If you wish to celebrate a birthday, they play (on request) the happy birthday song as they get the dessert to the table. For drinks I recommend the wines, they have a good collection.

The only down I found was the lighting for the food. It was a little difficult to see what exactly you are eating as it is quite dimly lit. It helps the ambience but hey, you need to see what you eat.

All in all, a place you must try.
Cost for two- 900 with non alcoholic drinks.
My rating- 3.5/5

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