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BPO Basics

BPO Basics

Think you know it all when it comes to call centres? Here’s a few things you don’t.

Size Doesn’t Matter
Keep your CV as short as possible. A multiple-page resume doesn’t help if you’re a fresher. Either way if you state everything about yourself in the resume itself, there wouldnt be much to say in the interview. And please don’t mention useless achievments, like winning the ‘Best Behaved Student’ Award in Std. 5.

Patience Pays
They dont want you – you want them! No matter what everybody says, recruiters are very careful about the kind of people they select and only about 12-15, out of every 100 make it. So be prepared to give a whole day for the recruitment process, as the gaps between various rounds can sometimes go upto 2 hours. Never live under the notion of ‘covering’ 2-3 places in a day. First, it’s not possible and second, you may not give your best coz u’ll always be thinking about your ‘next chance’ in the other call centre.

Greed Is Good
When asked about the expected pay, please don’t hover around something between Rs.9-10K, for they’ll pay u a gross of 9K. Always ask for more, keeping in mind the current scenario, your strengths and experience. Engineers, though not preferred by call centres, can definitely score brownie points for their technical know-how. Some call centres have technical processes whcih pay a starting sal of around Rs.14K.

Mind Your Language
No Yankee-isms please, we’re Indians!! Never, ever try to put on a fake accent in the blind hope of impressing the interviewers. Also, avoid using colloquial language e.g. instead of ‘mom-dad’, its always better to say ‘mother’ and ‘father’.

Games People Play
Contrary to popular belief, everyone doesn’t have sleep around with everyone. Sure there are plenty of hook-ups, but call centres are not ‘pick up points’.

Smoke Without Fire
It’s OK if you don’t smoke!!! Though more than half of the call centre crowd are casual or chain-smokers, abstaining from ciggarettes won’t make you look uncool. You might feel pressurised to give in but don’t. And afterall, it’s always cooler to be rather ‘hatke’, right?

– Vaibhav Wankhede

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