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Bharatiya Jhagada Party(BJP)

Bharatiya Jhagada Party(BJP)
Global Basic Info
Name: Bharatiya Jhagada Party
Category :Politics
BJP is today the most prominent member of the family of organisations known as the Sangh Parivar. It is a different matter now that we are neither a parivar nor ek doosre ke sang like in Sooraj Barjatya movies. We have always believed in aggressive campaigns and action rather than bland speeches. Contact Details Address Orange Street, Opposite Fight Club Email contact@jhagada.org Website www.bhartiyajhagadaparty.org

Recent News
Justwent Singh just went out of the party. Stay posted for more news.

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If Aajnath made leader then i quit… 13 posts by 3 people. Updated at 23:11 on 05 September 2009 Shushma Swordaj should lead the party from front 1 post. Updated at 13:13 on 04 September 2009 Please take a look at our group and you are very welcome to join! 1 post. Updated at 05:17 on 01 September 2009

The Wall Dear members of the party, After the infighting that you have had over an issue, which is now officially 62 years old, I would like to bring you back to the present. FYI, we couldn’t care less over who caused it, since all the people who actually experienced the pain are already dead (except for you people of course) and there is no point wasting time over why it happened. Let’s just forget it and move on. I know it is difficult for you to do so since such references remind you of your younger days when you had the energy to actually contribute positively. But those days are now so far away that even the sun seems nearer. Hence, I would request you to kindly shut your trap, and try to do something for a change.
Your former fan,

Justwent Singh:
I have left the building. No, I’m still alive. I have just left the building. You know, the “building”? 2 days ago

Basic Information
Gender:Male Birthday: The day I was born.
Relationship Status: Married
Interested in: Friends
Looking for: Someone who will take me into the party Political
Views:(Too) liberal for my own good Religious
views: Hindu

Personal Information Activities:
Juggling many ministry portfolios, looking distraught.
Interests: Writing books, skirting controversies with them and then looking like a Bangladeshi batsman facing Ajanta Mendis
Favourite Music: Patriotic songs, anything that will not get me banned or out again
Favourite TV Programmes: Sach ka Saamna,Ji Bhaajpayeeji
Favourite Films: The Ugly Truth, August Rush, Independence Day, Jinnah Sirf Mere Liye
Favourite Books: My books (for which you can’t possibly ban me)
Favourite Quotations: I’m too confused to say anything about anybody. I don’t know whose sensibilities I might offend and who ends up banning me. For now, my favourite quote is “My name is Justwent Singh”.
About me: I’ve been a minister several times and I’ve done a decent job each time. But every time I write a book, somebody rakes up an issue. I have now decided that my next book isn’t going to be on any topic related to politics. It’s tentatively titled “My Experiments with Truth”.Damn! That title’s already been taken. NO I DIDN’T SWEAR AT BAPU.

Groups Member of: Government of India, I Love ABV, Mole Extermination Inc., The Inside & Outside of Bhartiya Jhagada Party, Exit Route 101, Making A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill, The Broadminded People of India.

LK Sadvani:
Waiting in line. For ages. 2 hours ago Basic Information
Birthday: Don’t remember. Cannot enter since Facebook doesn’t list the year I was born
Relationship Status: Married
Interested in:
Looking for: Someone who can make me PM Political Views: Aagey se right! Religious views:You know it. You’ve heard them in my speeches. Read my blog for more.

Personal Information
Activities Giving speeches, making India shine, praising that old guy from that League party, kicking people out for doing the same things I did, losing consecutive elections and still hoping to become the PM, going around in a chariot pretending to be a king. Interests Blogging, playing Facebook quizzes. My favourite is “Which member from your party will leave now?” Favourite Music KL Saigal is the only person I remember. No wait, they didn’t have music when I was young. We had silent movies. Favourite TV Programmes Ji Mantriji (So what if you haven’t heard of it) Favourite Films All patriotic films (except LOC, which was too long to endure and Gadar, which was too loud) Favourite Books Any book that praises Indian leaders and doesn’t mention the old guy in a good light. Favourite Quotations All my speeches
About me: I like orange colour. It is the best colour in the world. I also hate to walk the talk with that guy. He has caused all the problems in our party. He didn’t allow me to be on the show on my chariot. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?
Groups Member of: I secretly admire the League guy, Walk out, Bharatiya Jhagada Party, Logical thinking is not my forte.

Aajnath Sing:
Someone please listen to me.30 minutes ago

Basic Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: Whatever Sadvaniji says
Relationship Status: Married
Interested in: Whatever Sadvaniji says
Looking for: Someone who will listen and care about what I say. Political Views:Same as Sadvaniji
Religious views: Hindu

Personal Information
Activities: Trying to act as the president of the party
Interests: Physics
Favourite Music: Anything that soothes my depressed mind Favourite
TV Programmes: Tere Mere Sangh Favourite Films: Anything that distracts me from my depression
Favourite Books: Not the Justwent Singh wala book, definitely not any of Lewis Carroll.
Favourite Quotations: All of Sadvaniji’s quotations
About me: Do you care? YOU DO? OMG, please tell me who you are. I will add you asap.

Arun Surely:
Jhatkas. With the Sangh. 3 hours ago

Basic Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: I’m too intelligent to reveal that. Relationship
Status: Married
Interested in: Flying kites (not kati patang), reading and writing books.

Looking for: Someone who can publish my new book.
Political Views: Liberal
Religious views: Hindu

Personal Information
Activities: Walking, talking, doing both at the same time, using literary references. Interests: Reading and writing books, delivering punch lines, poetry.
Favourite Music: Too many to mention. Too elitist to write. Favourite TV Programmes: Walk the Talk, Humpty Dumpty (Yes, it’s a programme), Yes Minister Favourite Films: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Kati Patang. Favourite Books: Lewis Carroll’s books, my own books, The Kite Cutter
Favourite Quotations: “Off with the Heads” -Me in 2009 (and some fat queen in Alice in Wonderland).“Bomb the @#$%&^%@’ headquarters.” – Me in 2009 again. No, it isn’t a conspiracy against the government. Just a metaphorical reference.
About me: I’m a prominent journalist and author. Check out all my articles and books. Do mail me your comments and feedback. Because that is all I can do now, since I have literally sounded the war horn in the party and am just waiting for it to begin. Anyway, I’m just the kabootar, the messenger who shall be sacrificed.

Member of: Politicians Who (Can) Read, None From Delhi, Sangh Ke Sang, I Hate The Top Brass, Be A Rebel, Disinvestment Inc.

-Saurabh Datar

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