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Bhag Milkha Bhag: Fall in love with the movie

I don’t think any other director can present a periodic or a biographic movie like what Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra did in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a biographical movie which is based on our one and only ‘Flying Sikh’: Mikha Singh. The film stars Farhan Akhtar, Sonam Kapoor and Meesha Safi. The movie is well written by Prasoon Joshi who had successfully presented Milkha Singh’s life in such a manner that there seems nothing like they are trying to ‘tell someone’s story’ or they are trying to entice audiences. It’s seems that they had just made the movie to unfold the story of an athlete without any motive to make profit. And that’s the reason why it has all the things (romance, drama, emotions, humor) which can captivate the audiences.

Rakeysh Mehra doesn’t try very hard. It just flows so smoothly.
The story is all about Milkha Singh, who was a victim of partition and was so poverty stricken that he couldn’t even buy a running shoes. And the day when he got the shoes, he didn’t know that how to run on them. Story about an athlete that how he survives the partition, how he came to know about the athlete hidden inside in him. It’s about his journey from nobody to summit of success where cheapness and politics tried their best part in stopping a common man from realizing his dream.

If I talk about the cast and their work in the movie then I would say just one thing: it was flawless and perfect. From Farhan Akhtar to Divya Dutta, everyone did their best in the movie and perfectly represent the particular character. I am personally damn astonished from Farhan’s work in the movie. He did the role so perfectly and maturedly that when you’ll watch him running on screen you’ll once think that: OK! So, this was Milkha’s running style. His body-language, his Punjabi tone, emotions, everything was flawless.

If I talk about the romance then yes! We had seen Punjabi pyaar on screen many times, but it is very smoothly and beautifully created that you’ll find something new in it. Sonam Kapoor as Biro did her best and is looking prettier than ever.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is not about just an Indian runner, it’s about a man who never learned to lose and fall even after so many hurdles. Milkha Singh sold his story for just one rupee because he wants to inspire not only an athlete but also entire nation.

milkha singh

milkha singh

According to me, every single person should watch this movie. Though the movie doesn’t have any illogical and stupid plot like commercial cinema but it has all the masala which makes you fall in love with it – for which you don’t need any 3D glasses to feel the movie.

My rating: 4.5/5 (for every single one who is a part of this movie)

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