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Bahubali 2 Movie Review

Plot –The Movie continues the narration story right from the first film where Kattapa is narrating the tragic story of Mahishmati kingdom to Shiva. And yes we finally after 2 years get the answer to the puzzle as to Kattapa ne Bahubali ko kyun mara?  Anymore detail will ruin the cinematic experience and I leave you at that so as to urge one and all to go and watch this movie in a theatre near you as this movie is too much of a magnum opus which truly cannot be enjoyed on a TV, computer or least of all your mobile phone.

What’s Good – Overall the whole movie is Whoa!!!!!! 

The tremendously high production values of Bahubali 1 (The Beginning) were eye raising and the second does not just continue the franchise in the same scale infact it increases the production values making it even a bigger canvas and a huge brilliant eye dazzling magnum opus, The action scenes are fantastic, The sets the clothes are mouth gaping and drool worthy, All the actors put in a superb effort. With Rana Dagubatti, Sathyaraj, Nasser and Ramya Krishnan giving it one of their finest performances to date,The kind of production  scale we have achieved in Indian Cinema with the second Bahubali movie is parallel to none ever before. It’s like now we can compete with Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Ridley Scott movies, We have a new Superhero born after this movie and his name is Superstar Prabhas Rana.

What’s Bad –The music and songs of the Hindi version of the film are nothing to write about and sound uninteresting and boring, The action scenes were a bit exaggerated but yes magnificent still.

Verdict – Just watch this movie in a theater near you for the sheer grand  production values it has just simply marvelous.



My Rating 4 of 5 stars.

Ervad Firdaus R. Pavri

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