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BACHAAOOOOOO Warna Rahul Dulhaniya le Jaayenge

Rahool Mahajhand a.k.a. Ravan is an evil guy who is looking for a suitable mate preferably a female to carry forward his lineage. For this purpose he has trapped around 15 damsels in a house with him, against their will. Each day he forces them to do humiliating tasks like talking to him, going out on a date with him, writing and reciting poetry to him and looking at him. All this takes place while he oversees their action and laughs like a maniac. Every day one lucky female who doesn’t satisfy his expectations escapes the house and is thus saved from Rahool. The lone woman remaining in the end – the “loser” – will be forcefully married to Rahool. The show will end with Rahool laughing the evil laugh. Others will probably cry at the fate of the poor girl. It will be a show with a sad ending.

Sadly, the real plot of Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge (RDLJ) wasn’t the one above.
The real plot: Rahul is the ideal male for marriage and is in a house with 15 dumbsels. Each dumbsel is vying for his attention and is in love with him. They do “interesting” activities like writing shitty poems, acting dumb, talking and looking pretty to survive through the episode. The winner gets to marry Rahul and is willing to do so as well. The show ends on a happy note.

BORING!!!!!! You know what is more interesting than this show? The answer: everything. Getting bitten by a mosquito? More interesting. Staring at an inanimate stationary object? Much more interesting. Staring at the ceiling? Much, much more interesting. Studying for exams? Most interesting. This show achieves levels of suckiness never achieved before and can in fact be lethal.

The best thing about this show is that it’s finally over. And I’m glad it’s over. Who knows, maybe USA would’ve attacked us for telecasting this show calling it a weapon of mass destruction.
No matter how bad a show is, usually the last episode is always interesting. RDLJ did an excellent job of disappointing us. The show ended on an all time low i.e. around 1 million light years below sea level. Dimpy Ganguly popularly known as Dimpy ‘cleavage’ Ganguly was the winner of the show. This is if you consider marrying Rahul as victory.

Being the winner of the show I believe this article deserves to give her some attention. Dimpy initially came off as a fascinating female. Then I opened by eyes and took my earmuffs off.

I felt she has a keen interest in politics.
By displaying copious amounts of cleavage and zero intellectual ability she was willing to reveal all her assets just like every politician is obliged to do before election.

While many women would say Dimpy Ganguly

used underhand tactics to win or the show was a sham, the truth is Dimpy won because of the influence of a higher power. It was the Lord’s response to the prayers of countless men across India. Men across India had prayed for the victory of Dimpy hoping she would just like her much popular namesake – Saurab Ganguly – take off her shirt and wave it around after winning. This would forever overwrite the scarring image of Saurab doing the same while his chest hair bounced and taunted and mocked us.

PS: The show shares three-fourth of its name with Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge (DDLJ). Co-incidentally, just like the name RDLJ has 3/4th of the review in common with DDLJ.

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