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B. V. Polytechnic, Mumbai

Mr I-Don’t-Care: He is the type of prof who doesn’t care whether you attend or bunk his lectures. You can enter the classroom anytime you like by giving him any silly excuse.
Noise level in his lectures: From silence at the begining to more than 100 db at the end.
Attendence: 0% – 100% depends on whether the students want to play cricket or not.
Most likely to say: Ummm… will to have to attend his lecture and tell you.

Mr Oversmart: Keeps boasting about himself and criticises other profs. Never teaches a thing and tell us to join his private tutions.
Noise level in his lectures: 100db* not the student’s voice level but his own.
Attendence: 50% – those who aren’t going to their private tutions.
Most likely to say: “Hamare zamane mein…”

Mr Rambo: Teaches well but is super rude. He is the real pardada of the college. No one takes panga with him. All the students fear him and attend his lectures regularly. If anyone is caught talking, he fires them non-stop till the bell rings.
Noise level in his lectures: Noise – what’s that???
Attendence: 101%
Most likely to say: Give me a notebook and I’ll fill the entire thing coz I’ve attended all his lectures.

Mr Multilingual: He conducts his lectures in Marathi, Hindi and English! He says that he teaches in Hindi so that we can understand more easily when the truth is he can barely speak English. If he sees anyone talking, he cancels their attendance.
Noise level in his lectures: 0db – see above.
Attendence: 75%
Most likely to say: “You shee, hey program khupach difficult aahe, sho pay attention… samjhana sabko?

Mr Mera Naam Joker: Cracks jokes, laughs at them himself and makes us cry. Sometimes, we are forced to laugh along so that he thinks we are actually paying attention.
Noise level in his lectures: Students prefer sleeping.
Attendence: 100% out of which 99% come to snooze.
Most likely to say: “Ek joke sunata hu. Ek bar ek…”

– Still a BVPite

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