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Is AAP really the item girl of politics?

Some people say that AAP members  are attention seeking lot hungry for publicity and find some way or the other to stay in limelight. Other parties feel restless and uncomfortable because AAP grabs the headlines and space in the newspaper that they wanted. The truth is, they are in the limelight because they do things that affects the general masses and changes the shape of politics and traditional ways that people were used to. Anyone who will try to do things differently will definitely catch people’s attention.

It is true that there is no news agency and newspaper that has not covered AAP every single day in their front page ever since the election results are out, But this is also true that no government has taken so much action in such a small span of time. Publicity comes at the cost of scrutiny. And AAP is the victim of media who is now monitoring every single move of their leaders to find what made this infant party change the face of Indian politics. How dare they!
It is not about race, or a line from a poem, or a statement, or a couple of rooms extra in their house. But it sure is about bashing others for highest degree of standards that is hard to follow and “Ceasar’s wife must be above suspicion”. We all know that drugs, prostitution, police atrocities, hafta vasooli and other illegal activities are common and to some extent accepted by the society who are aware but chose to ignore it. These things thrive under the protection of “due process of law” and it is not expected from a cabinet minister and chief minister to roam around in streets to expose these things. But this is what was expected from the party of revolutionaries.
They lack political experience, but they know what is right and what is wrong. So Instead of politicising the matter we must look into the intention and solution. They are however expected to think before they speak.

AAP members are not the item girls but Choreographers who teach other parties  the Dance of democracy, They are those cameramen who go deep into the neglected and dark places to show the real picture to the audience, They are the make-up man who beautify the ugly, They are the spot boys who get slapped for exceeding their limits, they are the producers of revolutionaries and motivated minds, They are the Directors of True Democracy. They are the Heroes and Nayak of the dirty picture of Politics. They do, however need to abide by the censor board regulations for screening in public.

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