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“Animation is not the art of drawings that move, but rather, the art of movements that are drawn.” Norman McClaren (Canadian animator)

From Disney to Pixar, Dreamworks to Warner the animation industry has spun its magic for years now. If Snow White cooing to a tiny sparrow thrilled granny, we are tickled by a wise-cracking donkey (a very beautifully rendered wise-cracking donkey!) Shrek, Antz, Toy Story, Ice Age, Monsters Inc were all animation wonders in their own right, plus let’s not forget the Star War prequels, Matrix, ID Day, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, obviously the film industry just cannot get enough of special effects be it a Men in Black or a Jaani Dushman. Audiences are no longer easily surprised so the movie industry has to churn out innovative ways to shock. It logically follows the demand for special effects is heading only one way. UP. True, the animation industry in India is yet to match up to international standards but in the next 5 years Indian Animation is going to mean business, BIG business and you don’t need a Marjorie Orr to tell you that! If your folks are on your case, i.e. engineering v/s cartooning, or medicine v/s animation, here’s a tidbit that could help tilt the balance in your favor…..

According to a 1999 Nasscom study, the Indian Animation industry worth about $550 million back then is expected to clock $15 billion by 2008!! Studios in the west (including the biggies like Pixar, Disney etc) are looking eastwards for cost effective, quality labor. Also India has the edge over China in terms of language – Indian artists are more likely to understand Western humor which aids in effective animation.

Scope in Animation
Hooked? JAM dispels some myths about animation….When you think of animation you immediately associate it with cartoons and commercials, but there is a helluva lot more to it! Besides getting into ad films or a production house another area where animation has a lot of scope is game technology. Gaming has a huge market globally, requiring both software pros and animators. Computer animation is used in other fields: like architecture (walk thorough house presentations), engineering, military (pilots are trained with ‘virtual reality), medicine, multimedia and a lot more! Freelancing for TV is an option you could consider but that is possible only after you are established.

Animation Types

If you consider the history of animation it started with Classical (2-D cell animation), next came 3D Stop Motion animation (like clay animation) and now everyone is going gaga over 3D computer animation.

Job Openings
The global animation industry provides employment opportunities to animators, directors, scriptwriters, background artists, lighting effects, sound engineers….. The list is HUGE and so is the moolah!

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