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An apology my beloved…

It was due from a long time.
I think it was autumn that all this had started.
I really had been so careless and didn’t think about the consequences.
I think I should have given her more respect initially.
U mean so much to me and I really didn’t gave it a Damm!!!! hhhuuuff
Anyways all what I want to say
is that I am really sorry for all that happened
and I mean it….
yes from the bottom of my heart
I know that sometimes I really played the fool with U
but I really didn’t meant anything wrong or offensive…
I always Loved u and will continue to do so…
U are my first love… do you know that????
But it seems that
to you all are equal…
U don’t have anything special for me
that really sucks!!!!
but lately I haven’t been nice and i know that…
But what I just want from your side…
is to admit that you too have feelings for me..
its really important…
I wanna spend my whole life with you…..
I know I did a mistake by not shutting down you for more than a month(What !!!!!!!!!!)
yes shutting down
you didn’t deserve to work so hard for nothing
and what would have I done had something happened to you…
I am sorry darling
U are my Comp…. and you know very well that I can’t live without you
and I Love U….. my first love
I swear that in future I will do nothing to hurt you….
I love u babes

– Abhishek khanna, IT BHU , Varanasi

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