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Adorable supporting characters from Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies more or less revolve around the lead actors and actresses. But sometimes certain characters playing second fiddle in a movie stand out and leave a mark. A great performance from these amazing supporting characters definitely takes the movie up a notch. HereÔÇÖs a look at some amazing supporting roles that definitely wowed and are etched in our memories forever.

1. Circuit-Munnabhai series



The rib-tickling bromance and camaraderie Circuit (Arshad Warsi) shared with lead character Munna (Sanjay Dutt) in the Munnabhai series always tops the list. Cast as the ever so loyal and lovable sidekick to a goon paved ways for supporting roles. Arshad WarsiÔÇÖs brilliant portrayal as Circuit playing second fiddle managed to impress movie audiences and critics alike. Arshad’s character portrayal being at par with the lead gave a new found respect to playing supporting roles in Bollywood movies.

2. Murari from Raanjhana



Playing the cheeky buddy Murari(Zeeshan Ayyub) to the love-struck Kundan(Dhanush) in Raanjhana needs a big round to applause. ZeeshanÔÇÖs realistic portrayal as the smart-ass best friend with no qualms about being sarcastically blunt but who remains a loyal friend throughout the entire movie is top notch. Who can ever forget the hilarious quips shared between Kundan (Dhanush) and Murari(Zeeshan Ayyub). Having no facade and just being you is the beauty of friendship. ZeeshanÔÇÖs awesome portrayal of Murari made Raanjhana a complete entertainer.┬á Murari a stellar supporting character that couldn’t be ignored.

3. Laxmi from Wake Up Sid



Now Wake Up Sid is an awesome coming of age movie. But what makes watching the movie even more fun is the supporting cast. A special mention here for the over-sized adorable friend Laxmi. LaxmiÔÇÖs character played ever so effortlessly by Shikha Talsania who does her bit in talking some sense into the immature SidÔÇÖs (Ranbir Kapoor) character. ShikhaÔÇÖs great performance as the strong, intelligent and caring friend is a definite standout. Your friend knows best and Laxmi plays a miniscule but vital role in Sid finding his true passion-photography. ┬áHow can one ever forget the scene where Laxmi(Shikha Talsania) visits Sid, gives him an earful and brings him his favourite thing-his camera. Laxmi(Shikha Talsania) a realistic character which managed to linger on.

4.  Anjali from Pyaar Ke Side Effects


Anjali a.k.a Dracula as the mean and blunt best friend of Trisha in Pyaar Ke Side Effects┬ádeserves a huge round of applause. Seasoned actor Suchitra Pillai played the character to the hilt as the friend who never really approves of Sid(Rahul Bose) as a great match for Trisha played by Mallika Sherawat. SuchitraÔÇÖs captivating performance made this minuscule role in the movie capture the audienceÔÇÖs attention. Her convincing performance justifies the phrase-There is no such thing as a small role.




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