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About us

JAM Venture Publishing P Ltd

Youth Publishing: www.jammag.com

JAM is India’s Most Loved Youth Magazine since 1995. It has been a pioneer in youth publishing has set the standards. JAM is about life in colleges, career guidance, attitudes, rib tickling spoofs, point of view, movie and music reviews, addas, restaurants and places, most importantly the a voice for the youth.

Student and youth contributors in over a 500 colleges contribute to making this magazine. Now an online magazine, JAM attracts the best talent from the top colleges. JAM is characterised by its humour, attitude and its news that comes from its college bureaus. JAM works with a team of freelance writers, designers, cartoonists

College Festivals and Events:

JAM has been participating with college festivals and events enriching them with media association and occasionally with corporate sponsorship. We are associated with over 200 college festivals including the top colleges festivals.

Social responsibility:

JAM has pioneered and championed the idea of social responsibility in colleges and during the college festivals. JAM partnered with the Joy of Giving Week in 2008 to start JOYFEST a movement for giving. JOYFEST was held in 250 colleges, and youth organisations in 2008, gradually adopted by over 1000 colleges. Today every college festival has a social responsibility initiative.

JAM Campus Abroad


JAM Campus Abroad is a part of JAM Venture Publishing P Ltd. Jam Campus Abroad is guiding and counselling young students for undergrad and graduate studies in top Universities in Europe, US, UK, Singapore and Hongkong.

Students desirous of pursuing Bachelors and Masters studies in Management, Economics, Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering and Medicine, can get in touch with us at campusabroad@jammag.com,

Tel contact nos +91-22-2784 2191/2181.

We will help you with course selection, University application submission, Interview, the admission process, and visa.

JAM  Campus Abroad works with top Universities in Europe that teach their courses 100% in English in countries Germany, Netherlands that offer attractive work opportunity.  Book a FREE counselling session now.