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A Few Good Men(Do Women Want Them?!!)

Shahrukh Khan in a recent advertise said that from now on in all his movies, the name of the Hero will follow the Heroine…as in the woman will be placed before the man in all of SRK’s movies. Not to be outdone, Salman was considering giving the women in his films more than 30 minutes of screen space.

It’s amazing how almost everyone in the world says, “Ladies First” but it’s mostly applied to use when you are walking up a staircase. Chivalry nowadays is as rare as Tigers in the world, so perhaps you could say that Chivalrous men are an endangered species. But why did it happen?

It is because women shoot down these Chivalrous men, and it is often so brutal that then the other men who watch this victim decide to become the predator instead.

Now, I’m not justifying anyone here, men who act like animals should be kept in zoo’s …but on the other side even women need to know that if they see a guy who is genuinely nice, they should acknowledge him so that other men would follow the path.

I hate to say this but most Men act like monkeys, if they see some guy getting a lots of chicks, even though he cheats on them, or verbally/physically abuses them, or force them to do awkward stuff, these men think that this is why he gets these girls in the first place. That all women just love men who walk all over them like carpets, or worst —dirt. So just to get us some chicks even we start acting like complete pricks who use women like hand tissues in restaurants.

Women with their classic attraction of ‘Bad Boys’ set a really bad example to all the ‘Teds’ who then transform into ‘Barneys’ to get someone. And after you get your heart broken by these Barneys you decide that every human with a XY chromosome is a terrible person. You stereotype every single guy in the mould of the mistake that you have made. Then you sit home curled in a ball of regret and cry in your sheets.

So if you really mean it, and you really want nice guys in your lives, then please actually encourage all the nice guys out there. The ones who are sweet to you, the ones who talk to your face and not below, the ones who know that you are more than just your sexuality, the ones that know what they have when they have you, the ones who pull the chair for you, the ones who’d go through hell just to see that beautiful smile on your face.

And when all those Monkey men see that good guys also get great women then perhaps they will imitate them and become nice men themselves. And so eventually the entire world will have nice, sweet and caring men. Men that will respect women, be chivalrous, defend them, and act responsibly around them.

Remember Girls, we do everything to get to you; we do/become whatever/whoever you like! Now it is completely up to you as to whom you encourage. Good Guys or Bad Boys.



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