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8 simple ways to redress hair problems

I call myself a nomad. My professional life of a journalist has made me do so. On one day I am in Bangalore and on the next I am in Kochi and yet on the third day I am in Manipal. I get out in the morning seeing the sun shine brilliantly in one part of the city and I am welcomed by showers by the time I travel to another.


Whether it is hot air, dust, pollution, rain, sweat, dry wind or any changes in the weather, I need to keep going. And I see my hair, invariably, bearing the brunt of all these. Rough, entangled hair, dry scalp andhair loss are some of the many hair related problems that have been faced by me.


However, strict adherence to a few simple steps has lately helped me in redressing them. No longer do I have to struggle to squeeze in an appointment for hair spa or treatment in my busy schedule. Abiding by the following has helped me get back my raven black, soft tresses.


1.       Choose your Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil

I have tried to analyze the texture of my┬áhair┬áand then by trial and error method I have come down to a particular brand of shampoo, conditioner and oil that suit it. Many a times, two people might apparently have the same kind of┬áhair┬átexture but what suits oneÔÇÖs┬áhair┬ámight not suit that of another. Therefore I believe that trial and error method is better than blindly copying what the other person uses.


2.       Carry your Hair Wash Kit

Over a period of time, the scalp, hair strands and roots get accustomed to the shampoo, conditioner and oil used. A sudden change in them surprisingly leads to hair related problems generally starting with hair fall. I avoid giving such shocks to my scalp and carry my hair wash kit wherever I go because there could be places (cities, towns, villages) where either of them might not be available.


3.       Steps to be followed while washing your Tresses

I wash my tresses minimum twice and maximum three times a week. Shampooing┬áhair┬ávery often can leave it dried out. Oiling oneÔÇÖs┬áhair┬áis a must. To help your┬áhair┬ánourish massage your scalp and roots with oil, a few hours before shampooing. Applying oil to the┬áhair┬ástrands is useless as the oil eventually flows to them from the root ends. While washing the┬áhair, I make sure that the oil and shampoo is washed off properly from the scalp otherwise it leaves the scalp oily and dry respectively. I apply the conditioner only on the┬áhair┬ástrands and not on the roots or scalp. This should be done for a maximum of 3 minutes only.


4.       Dry them Naturally

After washing, I wipe my hair with a dry cotton towel and let it dry naturally. I avoid using a comb or blow dryer on wet hair. This is because roots of wet tresses are weak and prone to damage.


5.       Give a Dose of Non Chemical Elements

Along with the regular process of hair care, a weekly use of lemon juice on the scalp can help fight dandruff. Also, use of yoghurt or henna or egg white on the hair strands for an hour before washing provides amazing benefits to my hair. They act as natural conditioners and I find my hair now smoother and shinier than before.


6.       Eat, Drink and Sleep

Drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C (example┬áÔÇô┬ácitrus fruits and vegetables like lemon) and getting a sleep of at least 8 hours at night is really very helpful.


7.       Fight Splint Ends

I avoid sleeping with my hair kept open. Every time I go to bed, I make sure that it is braided and tied properly, neither too tight nor too loose. Sleeping with open hair can cause damage to your strands and can lead to occasional problems of splint ends.


8.       Are you Up for a Hair Cut?

For your hair to keep growing at a good rate, besides getting it cut in different styles, get it trimmed in every two months.


Try out these steps, they are easy to follow and donÔÇÖt really require a great effort from your end. IÔÇÖm sure you will see positive changes in a few weeks time if they are carried out in the right way. 🙂

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