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70:30 Quota

What is 70:30 quota?
According to this new quota system introduced by the Maharashtra Government, 70 percent of seats in a college should be reserved for students from the local district. The remaining 30 percent shall be allotted to students from outside the district. Simply put, it means that if you reside in Thane and have scored a high percentage, enough to get you an admission in a Xavier’s or Ruparel, you shall have to still wait, as students from local areas will be preferred even if they have scored lesser than you.

The Confusion:
Colleges got notified of the State’s move on 70:30 rule only after they had released the first merit lists. Since the second merit lists was already in progress, college authorities were confused as to what should be the basis for the release of the second list. Moreover, what should be done about the first list that had already been released? The entire admission process was a complete mess during the past few days.

The Complaint:
Students from Thane and further suburbs work very hard to score high marks so they could secure admission in the best of institutes. Students who have truly done well in their exams were feeling deprived and disgusted. Parents were frustrated too as the admission process was getting more and more uncertain and merit took back seat. While some felt that the move will only help students as there would be less travel and more time to study, most others felt that it’s unfair to students who are meritorious.

The Result:
Earlier the government declared that though the first list came out without implementation of the 70:30 rule, colleges need to apply it from the second list onwards. But due to a petition filed by a Thane resident, the government has revoked the order. Yesterday, and finally, much to the relief of students and parents, the government declared that they are not insisting on the implementation of the 70:30 rule this year. They will re-examine it and decide upon it the next year. Justice… at least for a while!

Principals speak –

“So long we were waiting for the decision from the high court. Now we are waiting for the director’s instructions. Hopefully, we’ll be able to continue the process. I have nothing to say about whether it’s fair or unfair.” – Suhas Pednekar, Principal, Ruia College

“The state is no longer insisting on the 70:30 rule implementation. Finally, it’s arrived at some decision. We will wait for further notifications.” – Manju Nichani, Principal, KC College

“I think finally justice has been done. Merit should be the only criteria. We will wait for further instructions from the director’s office.”

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