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7 tips when your relationship is going downhill

Relationships are a part and parcel of life. Some are such that may stay in our life forever while some fade with time. We have all been in relationships where we thought our significant other was “the one” and completely unknowingly ended up sabotaging it. One day you are the perfect two. planning your future together, picking out names of a prospective dog and the next day, you have a tiff and it’s time to call it quits.

Here are a few tips that may come in handy when you feel like your relationship with “the one” is going downhill.

#1 – Trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. You should be able to blindly trust your partner and not doubt him every time he goes out for a drink with his buddies. If you give your partner all the freedom in the world and they come back to you, it means you have in all actuality found “the one”. Don’t be the nagging girlfriend who fights with him every time he receives a text from a girl and guys, for the record your girl being friendly with other guys doesn’t necessarily have to mean that she has a thing for them.

#2- Patience

Patience is required in every relationship. Every person will have varying personality traits and as they say, nobody’s perfect. If you love someone, you have to put up with their albeit annoying but unintentional habits. Yes, you have to deal with your partner’s erratic sleeping habits or their occasional child-like behaviour because at the end of the day, you can’t even fathom sharing what you have with them with anyone else.

#3 Understanding

The key to love is to understand your partner’s emotions in those tough situations instead of misunderstanding them and causing a drift in your love life. Remember that there are always two sides to a story and before jumping to conclusions, it is imperative to hear the other side. Guys, understand the change in your girlfriend’s behaviour when the time of the month is around the corner and Girls, just because Aunt Flow came for a visit, it doesn’t give you the godly right to take out all you’re wrath on your poor unaware boyfriend.

#4 A little compromise killed nobody, says you

Its either my way or highway, said the egoistic girlfriend that was shortly dumped. So what if you missed the big date you had been planning for days because a new assignment is cast off on your boyfriend. Be his angel and instead of whining and fighting around about the ‘could have been’s’ treat him to a nice evening and make beautiful ‘have been’s’ instead of making him wanting to run straight back to that office like a bat out of hell. Make this your mantra and there would be a rapid increase in occurrence of surprise romantic dates and gestures.

#5 – Always keeping in mind that there are two people in a relationship


“You hurt me. You treated me bad, You are a horrible person.” One should always remember that you are in a relationship for each other, not only for yourself. It’s about making the best out of each other. If you keep complaining about how selfish you partner is being by not giving you enough love and attention during a busy week, well here’s an eye-opener for you, It’s you who is the selfish one who instead of being accommodating to this sudden change in circumstances (which obviously must be a toll on your partner aswell) is constantly nagging. It is important to realize that there are bigger things than your ego and when you actually drop all these stupid inhibitions and start putting somebody’s needs before your own, you will truly see what love is.

#6 – Being positive

There is nothing that is more attractive than a positive and lively person who always looks at the glass half full not half empty. Always try bringing out the best in each situation, it isn’t that hard. Every time you feel like you are not getting enough time with your partner just calm down until and unless you are insecure about the relationship you are in, time will not matter. Keep this thought in mind, you have the rest of your life to spend with that person anyway try using that spare time for yourself.

#7- Throw out all the insecurities

They say that being insecure in a relationship is natural and it only shows the affection you hold for your partner, well tell whoever that proclaimed such a thing to shoot themselves in the head. Insecurities are one of the main underlying causes for break ups. Every time you start getting insecure about your partner just take a deep breath and think of all the good that is there in your relationship It will automatically come to light how pointless those insecurities that are harping on you are.

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