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3G iPhone

Everyone and your uncle knows about the iPhone. You’ve even seen them in India for months now. So while our carriers like Bharti and Vodafone are gearing up to bring us v1.0 of the iPhone, you’ve already begun gearing up for the new 3G iPhone. The new iPhone, as the name suggests features 3G support.It also brings is a better battery, a camera that supports geotagging and a cheaper price tag. The 3G iPhone was announced with a price tag of $200. Converted, this is just Rs 8,500. The new price of the 3G iPhone is going to see a whole lot more grey market buying of the unlocked devices. What will be interesting to see is if the Indian carriers keep the price tag of the 3G iPhone similar to the US pricing. Given that store prices of iPods are far more than their real prices this is a little wishful. But we’re hopeful that better sense will prevail over Bharti and Vodafone and we wont be running to Heera Panna to buy unlocked devices. Fingers crossed for a sub-Rs 10,000 iPhone!

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