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Million Dollar Arm

For people who could not get enough of Suraj Sharma, who played Piscine Molitor Patel in 2012’s Oscar winning flick – Life of Pi, here’s your chance to watch him on the big screen, once again.

‘Million Dollar Arm’ his second movie is based on the true story of two UP boys, Rinku Singh and Dinesh Kumar Patel, who stepped into the limelight owing to winning a baseball throwing competition. The film also stars Madhur Mittal who was part of another Oscar winner-slum dog millionaire and Mad Men actor Jon Hamm.

The story revolves around Jb Bernstein(Hamm) who runs an athlete management firm. At the beginning of the movie, Jb tries to get a big athlete on board in order to raise some money, to hold onto his existing office space. He is part owner of his firm with ‘Ash’- an Indian American, being the co-owner. The two struggle to keep the agency going and are on the look out for some news making enterprise as they fail to have the big athlete ‘Popo’, join them.

One night, while channel switching, Jb watches Susan Boyle audition for the X factor and switches to a Natwest series match between India and England and strikes upon an idea. He calls up Ash immediately and tells him that he has ‘cracked it’.

They will hold a competition in India where young boys will be made to pitch the baseball, with the winner being offered 1 million dollars and a chance to train in America.

After a bad initial experience, Jb and Ash finally find two great ball pitchers, one being a javelin thrower-Rinku (Sharma – who assumes an unusual stance before throwing the ball) and daily wage worker Dinesh(Mittal). They are then taken to the US to train for the MLB.

There is also the parallel story involving Jb and his neighbour Brenda-a medical student, who he plays hardball with, only to hook up with, later in the movie.

What happens next is for you to watch and drawing comparisons to other big sports movies will come but naturally.

The movie has a good blend of humour and drama and will find an emotional connect with young Indians who will empathize with the characters of the two young lads and their chaperone, Amit.

All in all, a great movie to watch over the weekend and definitely worth your money.

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