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20 typical things about being Indian

1)      The first thing we learn in any new language is how to abuse

2)      At some point of our life we all have watched a South Indian movie just to guess what the actors are saying

3)      We love combining ketchup with pizza, maggi, omelettes, and just about everything

4)      We love bargaining, even though we have no clue what the right price is

5)      We invent a new dance style with amazing convulsions every Ganpati Visarjan

6)      We don’t visit anyone empty handed, till a few years back it was fruits, then came sweets, and finally it became chocolates, thanks to Cadbury and their brilliant marketing campaigns

7)      We love it when our grandparents or relatives visit, touching their feet is always financially rewarding J

8)      With every Diwali our stack of crockery that we will never use keeps on growing

9)      You may not feel like drinking, but if somebody else orders a drink, and you are going dutch on the bill, then to be fair to yourself, you order a drink too

10)   Your maid is usually your major source of information on what is happening in your neighbour’s life

11)   Depending on our age every vegetable vendor, rickshaw driver or any other stranger is either an uncle/aunty or bhaiya/didi

12)   We love our gods and to prove our dedication towards them, we name our kids after them

13)   Pujas are a part and parcel of our life, be it exams, a new car, a new house, a promotion, every occasion calls for puja

14)   It does not matter how rich we are, we love our road side stalls and dhabas

15)   It also does not matter how old we get, we love a nice head massage from our mother

16)   We not only have a family doctor, but also a family jeweller, and a family astrologer

17)   We all have a collection of dresses that we bought for a close relative’s wedding, which we can’t wear anywhere else for fear of being overdressed

18)   More than two-thirds of the people attending our wedding, are people we are meeting for the first time

19)   We have  home-made remedies for all kinds of illnesses

20)   And finally, we love our movies and cricket


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