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12 Years A Slave Review

It’s the disturbingly true story about an African-American guy during in-slave American times who lives in New York but he is a free man, i.e no one can make him a slave until a couple of people con him and get him drunk selling him later to people who buy slaves.

First things first, Chiwetel Ejiofor gives out a total knockout performance, he probably will be the strongest runner for the Best Actor award this year. So in the course of this movie which belongs to him, narrows down his life for the next 12 years of him being a slave.

The good thing about the movie is everything, just everything is disturbingly real. We have seen movies on slavery but none of them ever showed the real side of it. Steve McQueen strips down to the reality of the brutal slavery that happened back then in America. This is the only film that accurately captures every aspect of the slave, the punishments and the aftermaths, everything is shown with utter realism. Its sometimes so unapologetic and brutal to your face that you can’t help but take your face off the screen when you can’t take it.

Steve McQueen’s direction is magical, he portrays the aspect of slavery so brilliantly that you feel sympathetic for the people who would have witnessed and felt the pain, even though they are long gone. He carefully shows how his character changes from a man who can fight for his rights to a man who almost loses his hope of getting out of being a slave.

Every single person in the movie does a great job, there are cameos and extended cameos from actors like Brad Pitt, who plays a good guy, Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the good owner of the slaves and McQueen’s magical touch at showing ‘A slave owner is a slave owner’, he shows that brilliantly. The criminally under-rated Paul Dano is in the film, he plays a guy who tries to be a badass. The person who steals the show is Micheal Fassbender who plays this complete douchebag that everyone including the audience hates. Hans Zimmer does a fabulous job with the score. And the two songs , the one about ‘Niggas’ and ‘The Funeral song’ will stay with you long after the movies is over.

If I say this movie is an easy watch, it would be me lying to you. This is not at all an easy watch. But, I will just say one thing – This is one of the absolute best drama’s made this year. It will leave you teary-eyed.

Rating: 4/5

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