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10 types of annoying species in facebook

1. Desperate guys who befriend every girl profile without even finding whether if it is fake profile or not.

2. Attention seekers who tag 49 people to his profile picture. They like their own dp and post.

3. Rivals of attention seekers, Brutally sarcastic men who always ruin your post with their heavy dose of sarcasm.

4. Punctual Roosters who upload Good Morning, Good Night pictures everyday and add this caption “have a good day frnz” “have a happy sleep frnz”

5. Newbie facebook users who comment on every picture that says “hit like, Comment 3 and see what happens”

6. Patriots who salute our soldiers by liking their pictures (1 like = 1 salute) and those who can cure any disease by commenting “amen”

7. Forever alone guys who always post pictures saying “I hate girls”, “Mr.lonely”, “Broken heart”

8. Grammar Nazis, the great grandsons of Wren and Martin who earn hate by correcting others’ grammar rudely. Their favourite phrase is “R.I.P ENGLISH”

9. The Most common people who invent 10 types of spelling to the word “awesome”. TH3y hAvE a Pr0bl3m wiT TheiR KeyBoaRd ThAt eVeRy w0rd bY tH3m l00ks liKe thi&

1o. And the diehard fans of SRK and Salman Khan who keep on arguing who is best, sometimes cursing all the members of each other’s others’ family.

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