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10 Things India Needs Independence From.

On the occasion on 68th Independence of our beloved country, I decided to understand the point of view of my fellow classmates. What is their idea of Independence. However, suddenly I took a detour from my chain of thoughts and insuread asked them, What does our country need Independence from?

Some of the answers were thought-provoking and confronting. So,I zeroed down the TOP 10 Things India Needs Independence From!

1. Rapist 


Isn’t it getting too much? I mean way too much to handle rape cases any further. The sad part being, Politicians & apparently “Religious Gurus” advocating the rapists. It’s time our country took capital punishment for this hideous crime.

2. Peeing on the road


C’mon? Seriously? It’s the MOST disgusting thing that you can do to our country.Get a loo please?

3. Potholes


Yes, We need to get rid of potheads AND potholes. India is beautiful, It deserves to remain that way!

4. Hypocrisy
It’s everywhere! It’s a VIRUS that infects society. We need to STOP being so hypocritical┬á and for once, do something good for our country. We can whine and complain at lengths about things we don’t like, But we don’t have the guts to be the change!
5. Patriarchal Society
patriarchal (1)
If RaGa can understand this,why can’t we? Women Empowerment is the need of the hour. This patriarchal norms in our society have held us down for the longest time. For the longest time, Feminism is being preached, not practiced.
6. Old and Educated Politicians
India needs to get rid of the faddy-daddy and get a breath of fresh air. Young politicians, INDIA NEEDS YOU.
7. Section 377
Every human has the right to live in whatever manner they want to, with whoever they want and however they want to. Let the person decide what’s natural for them instead of making them criminals?
8. Traffic Jams
Do I even NEED to elaborate on this?
9. Overbearing News Channels
Commissioner's Dog Star News
Not every news is BREAKING NEWS.Not every topic needs to be DEBATED. And for God’s Sake, cut down on the drama?
10. Illiteracy 
This doesn’t only mean reading, writing and knowing a number of subjects. Being ignorant in spite of being literate is illiteracy. Using our culture as an excuse every time we fail is also illiteracy. It’s time we break this barrier.
Let’s try and be independent from these woes in this coming year. Let’s really set our country free.

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